List of Proceedings Under Uniform Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Policy

Decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy are subject to challenge by court action. For information about a specific court action, contact the court handling the action or a legal search resource.

UDRP Proceedings--Arranged by Proceeding Number
Proceeding Number Date Commenced   Domain Name(s) Status/Panel Decision
NAF FA009768725 Jun 2001  lexisdigital.comName transfer
NAF FA009768822 Jun 2001  lexiscapital.netDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA009768922 Jun 2001  lexisconsulting.comName transfer
NAF FA009769029 Jun 2001  richardjuzwin.comName transfer
NAF FA009769121 Jun 2001  lexisnexis.orgName transfer
NAF FA009769325 Jun 2001  continentalairlines.comName transfer
NAF FA009769725 Jun 2001  hinesprecisioncomponents.comName transfer
NAF FA009769922 Jun 2001  savondrugstore.comName transfer
NAF FA00977222 Jul 2001  digitalagent.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009772526 Jun 2001  urn2expresspersonnel.netName transfer
NAF FA009772627 Jun 2001  momaqns.orgName transfer
NAF FA009772726 Jun 2001  blomp.comName transfer
NAF FA009773128 Jun 2001  continentalairline.comName transfer
NAF FA00977322 Jul 2001  grannyhadone.comName transfer
NAF FA009773727 Jun 2001  carteblanche.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009773827 Jun 2001  wwwpbskids.comName transfer
NAF FA00977405 Jul 2001  broncowineco.comName transfer
NAF FA009774228 Jun 2001  roxyquicksilver.comName transfer
NAF FA009774529 Jun 2001  bloombergmichael.comName transfer
NAF FA009775012 Jul 2001  misscleosucks.comName transfer
NAF FA00977552 Jul 2001  desert-diamond.comName transfer
NAF FA00977565 Jul 2001  alltell.netName transfer
NAF FA00977573 Jul 2001  oneconnect.comName transfer
NAF FA00977595 Jul 2001  polomagazine.comName transfer
NAF FA00977623 Jul 2001  cyberdrive.comName transfer
NAF FA00977755 Jul 2001  fidelitynetbenefits.comName transfer
NAF FA00977763 Jul 2001  kinkocopy.comName transfer
NAF FA00977773 Jul 2001  mybloomberg.comName transfer
NAF FA00977799 Jul 2001  mastercrane.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00978465 Jul 2001  absolutporno.comName transfer
NAF FA009784916 Jul 2001  truevalue.tvName transfer
NAF FA00978509 Jul 2001  phattythreads.comName transfer
NAF FA00978536 Jul 2001  absolutporn.comName transfer
NAF FA00978556 Jul 2001  cdworld.comName transfer
NAF FA00978569 Jul 2001  broadcomindia.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009787024 Jul 2001  heidiweisel.comName transfer
NAF FA009787111 Jul 2001  broadcomnet.netName transfer
NAF FA009787213 Jul 2001  audiopix.comName transfer
NAF FA009787311 Jul 2001  statefarmautoquotes.comPending
NAF FA009787517 Jul 2001  womenwise.comPending
NAF FA009800816 Jul 2001  ky-jelly.orgName transfer
NAF FA009801012 Jul 2001  universitymall.comDismissal with prejudice
NAF FA009801224 Jul 2001  hpnow.comName transfer
NAF FA009805523 Jul 2001  besharp.orgName transfer
NAF FA009805616 Jul 2001  thegalluppoll.comName transfer
NAF FA009806016 Jul 2001  allanhouston.netName transfer
NAF FA009806217 Jul 2001  quicktimelive.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009806320 Jul 2001  forrentinme.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009806717 Jul 2001  hunterfans.comName transfer
NAF FA009807023 Jul 2001  sauders.comName transfer
NAF FA009807123 Jul 2001  blutonium.comName transfer
NAF FA009807423 Jul 2001  infonet-online.comName transfer
NAF FA009807519 Jul 2001  healthsolutions.comDismissal with prejudice
NAF FA009807619 Jul 2001  junipernetworks.netName transfer
NAF FA009807724 Jul 2001  vwmail.comName transfer
NAF FA009807825 Jul 2001  valleyboiler.comName transfer
NAF FA009807924 Jul 2001  rugsmart.comDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA009808026 Jul 2001  movieguide.tvName transfer
NAF FA009808124 Jul 2001  lifeline.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009821426 Jul 2001  graciefilms.comName transfer
NAF FA009823526 Jul 2001  raddisonguyana.comName transfer
NAF FA009824226 Jul 2001  registername.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00982431 Aug 2001  hedefpuan.netName transfer
NAF FA009824424 Jul 2001  imemoirs.orgName transfer
NAF FA00982451 Aug 2001  yapikredionline.comName transfer
NAF FA009824630 Jul 2001  mainebait.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009824726 Jul 2001  adminsolutions.orgName transfer
NAF FA009824830 Jul 2001  adminsolutions.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009824924 Jul 2001  itlexis.comName transfer
NAF FA009825026 Jul 2001  amgsportsworld.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00984051 Aug 2001  yukonquest.comName transfer
NAF FA009840930 Jul 2001  cablesnmore.comName transfer
NAF FA009841030 Jul 2001  bagsandbows.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009841230 Jul 2001  easic.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009841430 Jul 2001  elderwearhouse.comName transfer
NAF FA009841530 Jul 2001  channel5.comName transfer
NAF FA009841631 Jul 2001  metrochevrolet.comName transfer
NAF FA009842224 Jul 2001  lakewobegone.comName transfer
NAF FA00984293 Aug 2001  dialpad.phName transfer
NAF FA00984321 Aug 2001  ameritradecanada.comName transfer
NAF FA00984346 Aug 2001  towerrecods.comName transfer
NAF FA00984361 Aug 2001  employeelife.comName transfer
NAF FA00984403 Aug 2001  absolutbeach.comName transfer
NAF FA00984411 Aug 2001  digitalstock.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00984426 Aug 2001  oto.orgName transfer
NAF FA00984437 Aug 2001  century21prevete.comName transfer
NAF FA00984456 Aug 2001  cinepower.comName transfer
NAF FA00984527 Aug 2001  admiralsclub.comDismissal, unspecified
NAF FA00984566 Aug 2001  absolut-series.netName transfer
NAF FA00984576 Aug 2001  absolutaccess.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA00984586 Aug 2001  absolut-emma.comName transfer
NAF FA00984597 Aug 2001  absolutseries.comName transfer
NAF FA009846214 Aug 2001  googlr.comName transfer
NAF FA009846413 Aug 2001  ethebeatles.netName transfer
NAF FA009846614 Aug 2001  bmgmusicservices.comName transfer
NAF FA00988097 Aug 2001  absolutmale.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009881213 Aug 2001  ithebeatles.comName transfer
NAF FA009881313 Aug 2001  wbw.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009881414 Aug 2001  amgsportsworld.netDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009881916 Aug 2001  cyberbroadcomm.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009882013 Aug 2001  seventhavenue.comName transfer
NAF FA009882210 Aug 2001  state-farm.wsName transfer
NAF FA009882316 Aug 2001  slashcity.netName transfer
NAF FA009882517 Aug 2001  glenwoodsprings.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009883013 Aug 2001  capitolonebank.comName transfer
NAF FA009906320 Aug 2001  globalreach.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009906417 Aug 2001  sex-toysrus.comPending
NAF FA009906515 Aug 2001  lexisnet.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009906916 Aug 2001  ibillonline.comName transfer
NAF FA009907020 Aug 2001  homeguide.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009907216 Aug 2001  broadcombrokers.comName transfer
NAF FA009907330 Aug 2001  thefa.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009907517 Aug 2001  state-farminsurance.netName transfer
NAF FA009907622 Aug 2001  gamesharkcodes.comName transfer
NAF FA009907817 Aug 2001  ibilltrust.comName transfer
NAF FA009908021 Aug 2001  savonhealthinsurance.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009908120 Aug 2001  dialpadworld.comName transfer
NAF FA009908423 Aug 2001  michaelandretti.comName transfer
NAF FA009908720 Aug 2001  hpjob.comName transfer
NAF FA009908823 Aug 2001  wilshirehomes.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009909122 Aug 2001  compaqq.comName transfer
NAF FA009909320 Aug 2001  wiz.comPending
NAF FA009913223 Aug 2001  katcountry.comName transfer
NAF FA009913321 Aug 2001  loansmart.comName transfer
NAF FA009913427 Aug 2001  amerisource-bergen.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009913523 Aug 2001  dialpadonline.comName transfer
NAF FA009913628 Aug 2001  skygondola.comName transfer
NAF FA009914128 Aug 2001  in-n-out-burger.netName transfer
NAF FA009937928 Aug 2001  centralpacificbank.comName transfer
NAF FA009938027 Aug 2001  jpga.comName transfer
NAF FA009938130 Aug 2001  davidoffcoolwater.comName transfer
NAF FA009938227 Aug 2001  minebea.comPending
NAF FA009948228 Aug 2001  urn2uhaul.comName transfer
NAF FA009948329 Aug 2001  westmonroe.comPending
NAF FA00995805 Sep 2001  sandviksmith.comName transfer
NAF FA00995814 Sep 2001  state-farm-income-tax.comName transfer
NAF FA009958330 Aug 2001  solidedge.comName transfer
NAF FA009958430 Aug 2001  mobilitytrans.comName transfer
NAF FA009958631 Aug 2001  syncrude.orgName transfer
NAF FA00995934 Sep 2001  averylabels.comName transfer
NAF FA009959431 Aug 2001  ciscosystems.netName transfer
NAF FA00995997 Sep 2001  cumbresandtotec.comName transfer
NAF FA00996024 Sep 2001  cityofdearborn.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009960831 Aug 2001  statefarm-claims.orgName transfer
NAF FA00996094 Sep 2001  cumbresandtoltec.orgName transfer
NAF FA00996105 Sep 2001  thefetishfactory.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009965410 Sep 2001  vilocity.netDecision for respondent
NAF FA009965610 Sep 2001  parkandflyfree.comName transfer
NAF FA009965721 Sep 2001  oregonstatebar.tvName transfer
NAF FA00996586 Sep 2001  infotouch.comName transfer
NAF FA00996596 Sep 2001  unionlaborlife.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA00996606 Sep 2001  hpdeals.comPending
NAF FA00996697 Sep 2001  boeing-europe.comName transfer
NAF FA00996707 Sep 2001  hewlet-packard.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009967111 Sep 2001  bpbprumerica.comName transfer
NAF FA009967217 Sep 2001  shopcompaq.comName transfer
NAF FA009967311 Sep 2001  penthouseasia.comName transfer
NAF FA009967518 Sep 2001  rentright.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009967617 Sep 2001  appstream.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009967717 Sep 2001  tezosentan.comName transfer
NAF FA009967817 Sep 2001  barbiedollbroker.comName transfer
NAF FA009967910 Sep 2001  trumphotels.comName transfer
NAF FA009968017 Sep 2001  bosentan.comName transfer
NAF FA009968317 Sep 2001  marshalfield.comName transfer
NAF FA009968718 Sep 2001  statefarmmoldinsurance.netName transfer
NAF FA009968811 Sep 2001  trumpplazahotel.comName transfer
NAF FA009969117 Sep 2001  casinotrump.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009969217 Sep 2001  marriotthotshop.comName transfer
NAF FA009969318 Sep 2001  limited.netName transfer
NAF FA009969917 Sep 2001  java.netDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009970024 Sep 2001  musicmatch.netName transfer
NAF FA009970118 Sep 2001  deardiary.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009970221 Sep 2001  paralympicgames.comName transfer
NAF FA009970317 Sep 2001  celebrexonline.comName transfer
NAF FA009970417 Sep 2001  numberonecelebrexprescription.comName transfer
NAF FA009970517 Sep 2001  trumpplaza.netName transfer
NAF FA009970624 Sep 2001  trumpscasino.comName transfer
NAF FA009970717 Sep 2001  trumphotel.comName transfer
NAF FA009970817 Sep 2001  trumphotelcasino.comName transfer
NAF FA009970918 Sep 2001  hpcu.orgName transfer
NAF FA009971126 Sep 2001  niemanmarcus.comName transfer
NAF FA009971318 Sep 2001  trumpplaza.orgName transfer
NAF FA009971419 Sep 2001  trumpcasinoonline.comName transfer
NAF FA009971524 Sep 2001  trumptajmahal.comName transfer
NAF FA009971621 Sep 2001  bassproshop.comName transfer
NAF FA009971819 Sep 2001  trumpbet.comName transfer
NAF FA009972024 Sep 2001  fios.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009975325 Sep 2001  marymaids.comName transfer
NAF FA009975524 Sep 2001  buyhp.comName transfer
NAF FA009975625 Sep 2001  comcastbroadband.comName transfer
NAF FA009975725 Sep 2001  intimateappeal.comName transfer
NAF FA009975825 Sep 2001  novellconsulting.comDecision for respondent
NAF FA009975924 Sep 2001  gulfviewmotors.comDismissal without prejudice
NAF FA009976325 Sep 2001  neimannmarcus.comName transfer

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceeding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0482)
eRes=eResolution (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0483)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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