List of Proceedings Under Uniform Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Policy

Decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy are subject to challenge by court action. For information about a specific court action, contact the court handling the action or a legal search resource.

UDRP Proceedings--Arranged by Proceeding Number
Proceeding Number Date Commenced   Domain Name(s) Status/Panel Decision
NAF FA009976724 Sep 2001  datatrail.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-000110 Jan 2000  musicweb.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-000312 Jan 2000  telstra.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-000410 Jan 2000  americanvintage.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-000521 Jan 2000  telaxis.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-000625 Jan 2000  militec.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-000724 Jan 2000  alcoholicsanonymous.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-000821 Jan 2000  six.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-000926 Jan 2000  talk-city.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-001028 Jan 2000  homeinteriors.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-001131 Jan 2000  ronson.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-001228 Jan 2000  stelladoro.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-00134 Feb 2000  sizesunlimited.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-00144 Feb 2000  theeconomictimes.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-00154 Feb 2000  thetimesofindia.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-00167 Feb 2000  allocation.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-00178 Feb 2000  drawtite.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-00189 Feb 2000  banesto.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-00197 Feb 2000  goodfoodguide.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-00204 Feb 2000  saint-gobain.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-00214 Feb 2000  ingersoll-rand.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-00224 Feb 2000  christiandiorfashions.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-00234 Feb 2000  dior.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-00248 Feb 2000  easyjet.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-00259 Feb 2000  sgsgroup.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-00266 Feb 2000  4tel.comProceedings terminated for recommencement
WIPO D2000-0026(restart)10 Apr 2000  4tel.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-002710 Feb 2000  gamma.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-00288 Feb 2000  cellularonechina.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-00297 Feb 2000  creditconnection.orgDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-00303 Feb 2000  steinlager.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-00317 Feb 2000  thelimited.orgSettlement, unspecific result
WIPO D2000-00327 Feb 2000  harvestcrisps.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-003314 Feb 2000  moorepushpin.comSettlement with transfer
WIPO D2000-003418 Feb 2000  worldcup2010.orgSplit decision
WIPO D2000-00359 Feb 2000  jpmorgan.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-003611 Feb 2000  efg-private-bank.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-00379 Feb 2000  zwackunicum.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-003810 Feb 2000  euro-tunnel.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-003914 Feb 2000  budgetsaver.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-004014 Feb 2000  phonenphone.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-00419 Feb 2000  rollasign.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-004215 Feb 2000  infopaq.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-004311 Feb 2000  safmarine.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-004411 Feb 2000  toefl.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-004515 Feb 2000  hipercor.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-004614 Feb 2000  avnet.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-004717 Feb 2000  eautolamps.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-004814 Apr 2000  praline.comSettlement with transfer
WIPO D2000-004923 Feb 2000  tata.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-005017 Feb 2000  bbcdelondres.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-005117 Feb 2000  officespecialists.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-005223 Feb 2000  franpin.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-005314 Feb 2000  microsoft.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-005416 Feb 2000  crew.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-005516 Feb 2000  guerlain.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-005618 Feb 2000  bellevuesquare.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-005716 Feb 2000  acrobatreader.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-005816 Feb 2000  forrent.comSettlement with transfer
WIPO D2000-005916 Feb 2000  barneysnewyork.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-006016 Feb 2000  dodialfayed.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-006116 Feb 2000  inforspace.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-006218 Feb 2000  potomacmills.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-006322 Feb 2000  ram.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-006419 Feb 2000  1800rockport.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-006518 Feb 2000  surfdog.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-006621 Feb 2000  cosco.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-006718 Feb 2000  miguard.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-006828 Feb 2000  myinfospace.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-006920 Feb 2000  wwwinfospaces.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-007023 Feb 2000  wwwinfospace.comCase suspended, other
WIPO D2000-007123 Feb 2000  csa-international.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-007218 Feb 2000  grasstelefactor.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-007323 Feb 2000  hamburgerhamlet.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-007418 Feb 2000  microinfospace.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-007523 Feb 2000  info-space.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-007625 Feb 2000  indiainfospace.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-007824 Feb 2000  m-power.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-007922 Feb 2000  talkabout.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-008022 Feb 2000  alaskaairlines.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-00819 Jun 2000  torraspapel.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-008223 Feb 2000  boattrader.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-008324 Feb 2000  i-mln.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-008425 Feb 2000  muji.comPending
WIPO D2000-008525 Feb 2000  truevinyl.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-008628 Feb 2000  abta.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-008725 Feb 2000  toeic.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-008823 Feb 2000  unipart.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-008925 Feb 2000  pacificplace.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-00901 Mar 2000  ink-source.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-009128 Feb 2000  finter.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-00922 Mar 2000  tonerjet.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-009429 Feb 2000  diet-rite.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-00951 Mar 2000  netvault.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-009629 Feb 2000  eautoparts.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-00971 Mar 2000  avnet.orgDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-009829 Feb 2000  babydior.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-00992 Mar 2000  fiddlehead.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-010015 Mar 2000  highclass.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-01025 Mar 2000  nokiagirls.comRegistration cancelled
WIPO D2000-01032 Mar 2000  e-automotive.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-01043 Mar 2000  eautomotive.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-01052 Mar 2000  petwarehouse.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-01062 Mar 2000  gatewaypccountry.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-010714 Mar 2000  emergildozegna.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-01084 Mar 2000  niketown.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-01092 Mar 2000  gate-way.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-01103 Mar 2000  eresolution.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-01117 Mar 2000  homedirector.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-01127 Mar 2000  stralfors.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-01138 Mar 2000  stanleybostitch.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-01149 Mar 2000  nifty-server.netDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-01159 Mar 2000  tarzanonline.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-011610 Mar 2000  bancalavoro.orgDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-01185 Mar 2000  chargergirls.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-01198 Mar 2000  ccom.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-01207 Mar 2000  e-auto-parts.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-01218 Mar 2000  eautoinc.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-01239 Mar 2000  buyserta.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-012411 Mar 2000  henrytheoctopus.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-012513 Mar 2000  coflexip.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-012713 Mar 2000  efitnesswarehouse.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-012813 Mar 2000  philadelphia-eagles.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-01299 Mar 2000  gateway-computer.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-013023 Mar 2000  chromalin.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-013114 Mar 2000  seek-america.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-013211 May 2000  flammarion.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-013313 Mar 2000  chicago-tribune.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-013410 Mar 2000  rogaine.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-013513 Mar 2000  maersk-sealand.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-013610 Mar 2000  palomino.comSettlement with transfer
WIPO D2000-013715 Mar 2000  xpediatravel.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-013814 Mar 2000  quixtar-sign-up.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-013922 Mar 2000  moanapacific.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-014014 Mar 2000  cortefiel.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-014114 Mar 2000  cortefiel.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-01426 Feb 2001  newsworld.comCase suspended at complainant's request
WIPO D2000-014314 Mar 2000  raimat.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-014416 Mar 2000  surcouf.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-014522 Mar 2000  i-village.netDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-014614 Mar 2000  siba.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-014715 Mar 2000  carolinapanthers.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-014815 Mar 2000  bikinizone.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-014920 Mar 2000  girondinsdebordeaux.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-015024 Mar 2000  walmartcanada.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-015122 Mar 2000  arla.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-015217 Mar 2000  cfo.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-015316 Mar 2000  uefachampionsleague.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-015416 Mar 2000  universityofnebraska.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-015522 Mar 2000  embratel.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-015620 Mar 2000  trw.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-015721 Mar 2000  creoscitex.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-015822 Mar 2000  iriefm.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-015920 Mar 2000  pochacco.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-016023 Mar 2000  creo-scitex.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-016128 Mar 2000  zero.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-016223 Mar 2000  pedrodelhierro.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-016322 Mar 2000  veuveclicquot.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-016422 Mar 2000  embratel.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-016521 Mar 2000  robohelp.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-016622 Mar 2000  plazahotel.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-016721 Mar 2000  e-nike.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-016828 Mar 2000  ermenegildo-zegna.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-01693 Apr 2000  scaniabilar.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-017024 Mar 2000  sadd.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-017121 Mar 2000  clickhere.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-017221 Mar 2000  sanriosurprises.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-01733 Apr 2000  eurocard.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-017428 Mar 2000  eradio.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-017528 Mar 2000  e-radio.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-017624 Mar 2000  wmfinancialservices.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-017724 Mar 2000  bartercard.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-017822 Mar 2000  montblanc.orgDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-017928 Mar 2000  medisite.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-018024 Mar 2000  theboldandthebeautiful.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-018127 Mar 2000  dennys.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-018227 Mar 2000  safeguardscientifics.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-018327 Mar 2000  nikegolf.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-018428 Mar 2000  southerncompany.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-018522 Mar 2000  timekeeper.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-01867 Apr 2000  libro.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-018722 Mar 2000  webergrills.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-018827 Mar 2000  ryder-cup.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-018923 Mar 2000  usolympicstore.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-019028 Mar 2000  bridgestone-firestone.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-01913 Apr 2000  publish.orgDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-019227 Mar 2000  iata.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-019327 Mar 2000  f1.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-01944 Apr 2000  recordati.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-019527 Mar 2000  epeda.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-019629 Mar 2000  werthersoriginal.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-019727 Mar 2000  petergabriel.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-019828 Mar 2000  pcgateway.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-019929 Mar 2000  aboria.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-020027 Mar 2000  residentevil.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-02014 Apr 2000  gomaespuma.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-02026 Apr 2000  sgma.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-020329 Mar 2000  oilily.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-020428 Mar 2000  penguin.orgDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-020530 Mar 2000  americansingle.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-020631 Mar 2000  columbiasportswearcompany.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-020730 Mar 2000  pottery-barn.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-02095 Apr 2000  wlum.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-021029 Mar 2000  juliaroberts.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-02114 Apr 2000  thorntons.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-021226 Apr 2000  super-pharm.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-02134 Apr 2000  boardwalkbank.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-02144 Apr 2000  rhogam.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-02154 Apr 2000  newskies.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-02164 Apr 2000  yachtrader.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-021718 Apr 2000  pgachampionship.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-02185 Apr 2000  georgiagulf.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-02194 Apr 2000  uralita.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-02205 Apr 2000  e-uralita.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-02214 Apr 2000  baylor.orgSettlement with transfer
WIPO D2000-02225 Apr 2000  dodgeviper.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-02236 Apr 2000  countryhome.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-02244 Apr 2000  intershipper.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-02256 Apr 2000  nandoschicken.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-02263 Apr 2000  christiandior.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-02277 Apr 2000  westfieldshopping.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-02295 Apr 2000  choyongpil.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-023021 Apr 2000  euro2000.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-023114 Apr 2000  lloydstsb-visa.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-023211 Apr 2000  al-anon-alateen.orgDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-02336 Apr 2000  jordonf1.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-023421 Apr 2000  britishkhaki.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-023510 Apr 2000  jeanettewinterson.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-023610 Apr 2000  hyosung.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-023711 Apr 2000  babycreysi.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-02384 Apr 2000  telecinco.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-023910 Apr 2000  donsimon.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-024121 Apr 2000  yahooventures.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-024210 Apr 2000  cbs.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-024310 Apr 2000  cbs.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-024410 Apr 2000  somnoplasty.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-024514 Apr 2000  jornalnacional.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-024619 Apr 2000  havrix.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-024711 Apr 2000  mahindra.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-024817 Apr 2000  mahindra.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-024912 Apr 2000  att2000.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-025014 Apr 2000  att1rate.comPending
WIPO D2000-025110 Apr 2000  trumtower.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-025213 Apr 2000  intercontinental.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-025320 Apr 2000  quixtarmortgage.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-025411 Apr 2000  cbswww.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-025511 Apr 2000  nycbs.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-025617 Apr 2000  wwwwwf.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-025811 Apr 2000  saralee.orgDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-025913 Apr 2000  countryroad.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-026014 Apr 2000  musiccalis.comName transfer

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceeding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0482)
eRes=eResolution (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0483)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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