List of Proceedings Under Uniform Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Policy

Decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy are subject to challenge by court action. For information about a specific court action, contact the court handling the action or a legal search resource.

UDRP Proceedings--Arranged by Proceeding Number
Proceeding Number Date Commenced   Domain Name(s) Status/Panel Decision
WIPO D2000-135918 Oct 2000  facup.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-136024 Oct 2000  jmcairline.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-136126 Oct 2000  banesto.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-136213 Nov 2000  icqadultchat.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-136318 Oct 2000  aol-receive-instakiss.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-136419 Oct 2000  aolvacations.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-136522 Feb 2001  stellaartois.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-136720 Oct 2000  artistsdirect.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-136817 Oct 2000  eebay.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-136923 Oct 2000  eduction.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-137028 Nov 2000  colacao.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-137119 Oct 2000  quierowinamp.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-137225 Oct 2000  sonysonpo.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-13732 Nov 2000  caixagirona.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-137418 Oct 2000  icq502.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-137524 Oct 2000  zegnasuit.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-137614 Nov 2000  creditswiss.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-137720 Oct 2000  axachinaregion.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-137820 Oct 2000  wagerncaa.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-137922 Nov 2000  pax.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-138030 Oct 2000  sgisystems.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-138229 Nov 2000  robbialac.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-138324 Oct 2000  foreignandcolonial.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-138419 Oct 2000  australianstockexchange.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-13852 Nov 2000  centennial.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-138631 Oct 2000  colacao.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-138713 Nov 2000  campaignscreen.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-138815 Nov 2000  lmeholdings.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-138927 Oct 2000  figaromagazine.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-139024 Oct 2000  palmax.netDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-13913 Nov 2000  cobelfret.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-139227 Oct 2000  alloyrods.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-139330 Oct 2000  openit.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-13948 Nov 2000  adast.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-139531 Oct 2000  familycircl.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-139629 Nov 2000  vetrotex.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-139731 Oct 2000  nike-shoes.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-13989 Nov 2000  desotec.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-13991 Nov 2000  arbift.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-14001 Nov 2000  arbift.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14019 Nov 2000  bridel.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14021 Nov 2000  unicaja.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-140326 Oct 2000  financialreview.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-14041 Nov 2000  aolnews.netDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-14062 Nov 2000  dixons-online.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-140731 Oct 2000  www-ctv.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14091 Nov 2000  sonyschool.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14101 Nov 2000  windsornewton.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-141231 Oct 2000  exxononline.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-141315 Jan 2001  igindex.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-141429 Nov 2000  guiamichelin.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14159 Nov 2000  nicholekidman.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14167 Nov 2000  emailco.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-141727 Oct 2000  a1tv.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-14183 Nov 2000  scrapconnect.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-14198 Nov 2000  giantfood.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-14218 Nov 2000  giantfoods.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14245 Jan 2001  armaniboutique.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-142526 Oct 2000  creditlyonnaisonline.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-142627 Oct 2000  e-creditlyonnais.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14276 Dec 2000  clubmed.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-14286 Dec 2000  clubmedical.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-142911 Dec 2000  sonae.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-143011 Dec 2000  sonae.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-14312 Nov 2000  marlowpumps.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-143230 Nov 2000  e-fininfo.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14332 Nov 2000  balisto.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14341 Nov 2000  smsdemag.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14353 Nov 2000  capeharbor.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-143821 Nov 2000  hcsmisco.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14399 Nov 2000  pricewaterhousecoopers-consulting.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-14402 Nov 2000  mtvbase.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14412 Nov 2000  mtvetxra.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-144210 Nov 2000  redhatventures.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-144313 Nov 2000  paginasdoradas.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-144430 Oct 2000  ebayrus.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-14456 Nov 2000  atmel.netDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-14467 Dec 2000  verasign.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14478 Nov 2000  attt.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-144831 Oct 2000  texas-instruments.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-14498 Nov 2000  dillbert.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-145014 Nov 2000  mv-agusta.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-145230 Nov 2000  bancaintesa.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14536 Nov 2000  ag-fortis.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14549 Nov 2000  liberty.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-145516 Nov 2000  mclanenortheast.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-14568 Nov 2000  westernsizzlin.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-145815 Dec 2000  acominas.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14599 Nov 2000  davidgilmour.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14609 Nov 2000  digitalcityenespanol.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-146124 Nov 2000  yahootw.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-146316 Nov 2000  ebayturkey.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14647 Dec 2000  nintendo-gamecube.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-146521 Nov 2000  xunta.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-14669 Nov 2000  juvestore.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14678 Nov 2000  intocast.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-14688 Nov 2000  martyrodriguez.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-146921 Nov 2000  pgaopen.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-147010 Nov 2000  thethread.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-147117 Nov 2000  euronike.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-147221 Nov 2000  wwwautotrader.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-147314 Nov 2000  attb2b.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-147416 Nov 2000  infospacee.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-147516 Nov 2000  ynfospace.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-147616 Nov 2000  sportsinfospace.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-147716 Nov 2000  innfospace.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-147910 Nov 2000  talalabughazaleh.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-148022 Nov 2000  officeclub.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-14811 Dec 2000  hot-pockets.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-148227 Nov 2000  wwwbankboston.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-148323 Nov 2000  nidoqueen.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-148422 Nov 2000  portmans.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-148520 Nov 2000  iijuu.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-148614 Dec 2000  jouetonline.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-14877 Dec 2000  planetheineken.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-148823 Nov 2000  adaptec-store.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-148913 Nov 2000  indyanews.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-149016 Nov 2000  creo-scitex.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-149123 Nov 2000  thesolutionpeople.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-149214 Nov 2000  palmax.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-14934 Dec 2000  4microsoft2000.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-14947 Dec 2000  onlinemotorsport.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-149521 Nov 2000  aolinstantmessages.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-149613 Dec 2000  guerlain.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-149723 Nov 2000  ge-points.comSplit decision
WIPO D2000-149829 Nov 2000  savills.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-149914 Nov 2000  wwfwcw.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-150014 Nov 2000  microsofthome.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-150128 Nov 2000  sunhungkaiproperties.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-150217 Nov 2000  bancourquijo.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-150322 Dec 2000  plantperfect.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-150421 Nov 2000  easyjetonline.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-150522 Nov 2000  gso.orgDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-150622 Nov 2000  bigbooks.orgDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-150717 Nov 2000  aaws.orgDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-150929 Jan 2001  eberlitz.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-151030 Nov 2000  leafs.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-15114 Jan 2001  telstraprimebuy.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-151224 Nov 2000  internethomegrocer.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-151316 Feb 2001  wobenzym.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-151417 Dec 2000  tasowheel.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-151521 Nov 2000  yourmove.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-151623 Nov 2000  britannicdirect.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-151721 Nov 2000  prosiebensat1.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-151820 Nov 2000  aolshares.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-151914 Nov 2000  krylon.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-152014 Nov 2000  cellularone-store.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-152114 Nov 2000  cellone-online.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-152221 Nov 2000  managemypriorities.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-152320 Nov 2000  aolchina.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-152427 Nov 2000  bluemountian.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-15255 Dec 2000  magnumpieringinc.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-152624 Nov 2000  aolchina.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-152824 Nov 2000  weatheralls.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-15295 Jan 2001  commercialunion.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-153022 Nov 2000  estyle.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-153221 Nov 2000  brucespringsteen.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-153319 Dec 2000  panavisioncanada.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-153414 Dec 2000  mynutella.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-15357 Dec 2000  aireuropa.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-153722 Nov 2000  instru.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-153821 Nov 2000  icqpal.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-153929 Nov 2000  xxxy.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-154020 Nov 2000  movenpickhotels.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-154120 Dec 2000  cemyilmaz.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-154221 Nov 2000  hitachistore.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-154328 Nov 2000  foylesbooks.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-154414 Dec 2000  foyles.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-154522 Nov 2000  pokemon-centre.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-154623 Nov 2000  autotraderusa.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-154728 Nov 2000  totalyfreestuff.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-154823 Nov 2000  portners.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-154930 Nov 2000  billyconnelly.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-155027 Nov 2000  ticket-master.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-155122 Nov 2000  ticketmaster.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-15522 Feb 2001  antiflirt.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-15539 Jan 2001  antiflirt.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-155424 Nov 2000  driveamercedes.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-15557 Dec 2000  ohla.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-155629 Nov 2000  caixagirona.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-15575 Dec 2000  ehitachi.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-155814 Dec 2000  globofm.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-155914 Dec 2000  clickglobo.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-156028 Nov 2000  comsat.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-15614 Dec 2000  ameitrade.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-156213 Dec 2000  mobiltravelguide.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-156323 Nov 2000  pokemon-store.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-15647 Dec 2000  clubmediterranee.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-156622 Nov 2000  logicapdv.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-15677 Mar 2001  franceinfo.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-15684 Dec 2000  microsoft-office-2000.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-15695 Dec 2000  sherwinwilliamspaint.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-157028 Nov 2000  programma.orgSplit decision
WIPO D2000-15716 Dec 2000  dwaterhouse.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-157228 Nov 2000  nymagazine.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-157430 Nov 2000  attcore.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-15754 Dec 2000  collegenetsummit.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-15761 Jan 2001  basileapharmaceutica.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-157711 Dec 2000  arundelmills.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-157815 Dec 2000  karajan.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-157911 Dec 2000  puratos.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-15806 Dec 2000  novotel.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-158130 Nov 2000  internationalbell.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-15822 Feb 2001  briggsandstratton-store.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-15831 Dec 2000  missmanners.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-15847 Dec 2000  pncbrokerage.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-15851 Dec 2000  bankboston-pavilion.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-15868 Dec 2000  autobytell.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-15878 Mar 2001  sonybank.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-158813 Dec 2000  orgatech.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-158921 Nov 2000  tf1.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-159013 Dec 2000  czechinvest.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-15914 Dec 2000  herbalite.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-15938 Dec 2000  euroshop.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-15947 Dec 2000  wwwpic.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-159513 Dec 2000  yahomo.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-15965 Dec 2000  tracilords.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-159812 Dec 2000  niketravel.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-159918 Dec 2000  barterforums.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16006 Dec 2000  ttfm.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-160130 Nov 2000  goldfm.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-16025 Dec 2000  solgarvitamins.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-160311 Dec 2000  cliffordchancepuender.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-160412 Dec 2000  aoltrader.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-160513 Dec 2000  aolworld.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-160613 Dec 2000  neticq.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-160729 Nov 2000  icqstation.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-160811 Dec 2000  womenonwaves.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-160928 Nov 2000  wralweather.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-161028 Nov 2000  wral-tv5.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16111 Dec 2000  pitneybowe.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16124 Dec 2000  tstv.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-16131 Dec 2000  mannbrothers.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16141 Dec 2000  ikeausa.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-161511 Dec 2000  playboystorecom.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-16168 Dec 2000  mckinseycompany.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-161715 Dec 2000  chiquipark.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16197 Dec 2000  backstreetboys.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-16205 Dec 2000  washingtonwizards.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-162111 Dec 2000  billwithers.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-162330 Nov 2000  pag3.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-162412 Dec 2000  infobolsa.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16255 Dec 2000  franchiserecruiters.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16265 Dec 2000  mynba.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16276 Dec 2000  oscholastics.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-162827 Dec 2000  juliebrown.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-162920 Dec 2000  escholastics.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16301 Dec 2000  opinionsurveys.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-163129 Jan 2001  infospacer.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16327 Dec 2000  ebay4sex.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16331 Dec 2000  ebaykorea.comName transfer

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceeding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0482)
eRes=eResolution (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0483)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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