List of Proceedings Under Uniform Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Policy

Decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy are subject to challenge by court action. For information about a specific court action, contact the court handling the action or a legal search resource.

UDRP Proceedings--Arranged by Proceeding Number
Proceeding Number Date Commenced   Domain Name(s) Status/Panel Decision
WIPO D2000-163423 Jan 2001  schiavello.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-163512 Jan 2001  afflelou.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-163719 Dec 2000  asahi-kase.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-163820 Dec 2000  philips.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-163920 Dec 2000  eadsnv.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16407 Dec 2000  ubsgam.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-164115 Jan 2001  omnitel2000.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-164210 Jan 2001  marsconfectionery.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-164412 Dec 2000  marssmusic.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-164512 Dec 2000  benzaclin.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-16468 Dec 2000  ustrust.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-16475 Dec 2000  bosleymedical.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-164812 Jan 2001  benzer.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-164913 Dec 2000  rosamontero.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-165014 Dec 2000  joseluissampedro.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16515 Jan 2001  nowwatch.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-165214 Dec 2000  ustrust.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-165311 Dec 2000  ronacashway.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-165411 Dec 2000  tammy.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-165512 Dec 2000  anteup.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-165615 Dec 2000  balvenie.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-165712 Dec 2000  tylenol.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-165819 Jan 2001  oakleyshoes.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-166015 Dec 2000  bikkuridonkey.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-166122 Dec 2000  portugal-telecom.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-166221 Dec 2000  portugaltelecom.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-16635 Jan 2001  orange3g.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-166513 Dec 2000  silicolskin.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-166620 Dec 2000  pwc-consulting.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-166720 Dec 2000  pwcconsulting.comCase suspended at complainant's request
WIPO D2000-166820 Dec 2000  mypwc.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-166920 Dec 2000  gotocellularone.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-167013 Dec 2000  cellularoneltd.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-167112 Dec 2000  orientalhotel.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-167214 Dec 2000  thetelstrashop.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-167315 Dec 2000  venusandserenawilliams.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-167431 Dec 2000  kentuckyfriedchicken.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-167515 Dec 2000  yahoobroadcast.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-167618 Dec 2000  hannibalrecords.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-167714 Dec 2000  cocacoladrinks.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-167815 Dec 2000  yuamazon.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16793 Jan 2001  plagboy.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-168013 Dec 2000  invia.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-168110 Jan 2001  recalcine.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-168214 Dec 2000  arneg.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-168319 Dec 2000  taucktours.netDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-168421 Dec 2000  centrallecheraasturiana.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-168522 Dec 2000  jornalhoje.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-168615 Dec 2000  deltaairline.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-168712 Dec 2000  reinfolink.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-168812 Dec 2000  newmanhaasracing.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-16899 Jan 2001  famosa.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-169015 Dec 2000  cafemarcilla.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-169227 Dec 2000  ultimatedrivingmachines.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-169315 Dec 2000  ultimatedrivingmachine.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-169428 Dec 2000  theultimatedrivingmachine.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-169518 Dec 2000  needicq.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-169612 Dec 2000  tevapharmaceutical.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-169715 Dec 2000  lorenzosilva.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-169814 Dec 2000  guiness.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-169919 Dec 2000  guinness-ireland.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-170215 Dec 2000  marcovermars.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-170313 Feb 2001  zebanques.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-170418 Dec 2000  radioglobo.orgDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-170515 Dec 2000  radioglobodigital.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-170615 Dec 2000  radioglobo.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-17075 Jan 2001  nike-soccer.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-170816 Dec 2000  tetrapakamericas.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-170914 Dec 2000  rollsroycecanada.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-171021 Dec 2000  guinnessdraught.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-171115 Dec 2000  yahoo-1.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-17128 Jan 2001  naturalmicrosystems.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-171316 Dec 2000  jrdtata.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-171421 Dec 2000  abb.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-171531 Dec 2000  virginfree.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-171615 Dec 2000  jmcflights.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-171722 Jan 2001  brembobrakes.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-171822 Dec 2000  niit.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-172227 Dec 2000  salomansmithbarney.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-172312 Jan 2001  attplaza.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-172421 Feb 2001  attanywhere.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-172521 Dec 2000  wockhardt.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-172722 Jan 2001  gebenefits.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-172820 Dec 2000  lapponia.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-172927 Dec 2000  bofrost.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-173022 Dec 2000  kreskin.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-173121 Dec 2000  guinnessnet.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-173221 Dec 2000  wirelesswednesdays.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-173328 Dec 2000  lockheedmartin.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-173428 Dec 2000  barrydiller.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-17355 Jan 2001  nagatanien.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-173616 Jan 2001  philips-indo.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-17374 Jan 2001  shadowline.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-173821 Dec 2000  888mattress.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-173917 Jan 2001  austinamericanstatesman.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-174021 Dec 2000  tycoventures.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-174111 Jan 2001  rosiesmcalls.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-17423 Jan 2001  rosiesmccalls.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-174311 Jan 2001  areafendi.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-17446 Feb 2001  sunpacific.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-17455 Jan 2001  azaleia.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-17468 Jan 2001  verasign.netDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-174811 Jan 2001  denuestratierra.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-174928 Dec 2000  gilli.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-175029 Dec 2000  zurichscudder.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-175128 Dec 2000  sfmoma.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-175323 Jan 2001  zebourse.comCase suspended at complainant's request
WIPO D2000-17545 Jan 2001  aspreyandgarrad.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-175529 Dec 2000  promarkt.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-175624 Dec 2000  robertbarry.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-17574 Jan 2001  casaeditorialeltiempo.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-175829 Dec 2000  racegirl.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-175912 Jan 2001  niveasun.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-176027 Dec 2000  nivea.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-176110 Jan 2001  saabopel.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-176215 May 2001  zegna-japan.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-17633 Jan 2001  cleocin.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-176428 Dec 2000  koc.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-176510 Jan 2001  recoletos.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-176622 Dec 2000  icqteam.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-176711 Jan 2001  unistuttgart.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-176828 Dec 2000  netwizard.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-176928 Dec 2000  neusiedler.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-177028 Dec 2000  chevychasebank.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-177111 Jan 2001  fleetbostonfinancial.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-177217 Jan 2001  tribecafilmcenter.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-177322 Jan 2001  fcbayern.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-177410 Jan 2001  nikonf.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-17768 Jan 2001  klaukol.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-177717 Jan 2001  petronas.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-177811 Jan 2001  philips-indonesia.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-17795 Jan 2001  ryder-cup.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-178010 Jan 2001  americascommunitybanks.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-178126 Jan 2001  idbbank.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-178215 Jan 2001  yuzawaya.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-178319 Jan 2001  rebein.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-17854 Jan 2001  guinnesspubs.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-17864 Jan 2001  pucci.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-178810 Jan 2001  bulmerscider.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-17898 Jan 2001  telstra-pccw.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-17905 Jan 2001  ninjamotorcycles.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-179123 Jan 2001  bq-3bhasulr.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-17925 Jan 2001  burlingtonholocaust.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-17934 Jan 2001  tanishq.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-179419 Jan 2001  nutellaparty.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-179514 Jan 2001  hmiglobal.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-17969 Jan 2001  ritzenhoff.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-179712 Jan 2001  internetcontent.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-17988 Jan 2001  bodegaslopez.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-17999 Jan 2001  cliffordchancellp.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-18004 Jan 2001  ozarkairline.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-180118 Jan 2001  bingodesmarques.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-180211 Jan 2001  chanelparee.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-180311 Jan 2001  nationalrentalcar.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-18059 Jan 2001  realmadrid.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-180618 Jan 2001  cocacolacollectibles.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-18078 Jan 2001  bellsouthpages.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-180822 Jan 2001  pomar-reserva.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-180910 Jan 2001  chanelperfumes.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-181018 Jan 2001  helados-efe.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-181118 Jan 2001  saboresgolden.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-181219 Jan 2001  cerveza-polar.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-181323 Jan 2001  chanel2005.comCase suspended at complainant's request
WIPO D2000-181420 Jan 2001  harina-pan.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-181510 Jan 2001  bodegasybebidasl.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-181619 Jan 2001  maha.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-181710 Jan 2001  chanel4sale.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-181818 Jan 2001  12trade.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-18197 Mar 2001  ldh.orgDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2000-18209 Jan 2001  coles-myer.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-18219 Jan 2001  just-jeans.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-182212 Jan 2001  live52.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-18236 Feb 2001  tata-tea.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-182415 Mar 2001  tatatea.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-182615 Mar 2001  tatatetley.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-182715 Mar 2001  tatateamarine.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-182815 Mar 2001  tatatetleygroup.orgName transfer
WIPO D2000-183011 Jan 2001  reservefund.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2000-183110 Jan 2001  chanelmail.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-183210 Jan 2001  chanelaccessories.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-183311 Jan 2001  chanelseven.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-183430 Jan 2001  sportchalet.netName transfer
WIPO D2000-18355 Feb 2001  legrandlivredumois.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-183612 Jan 2001  boersen.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-183711 Jan 2001  ishopchanel.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-183810 Jan 2001  celinedion.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-183917 Jan 2001  hafele.comName transfer
WIPO D2000-184012 Jan 2001  firstamerican.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2000-184115 Jan 2001  therealwebpages.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-000131 Jan 2001  portofhamina.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-000222 Jan 2001  portofhelsinki.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-000311 Jan 2001  icqplus.orgDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-000416 Jan 2001  icqroaming.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-000615 Jan 2001  pointmail.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-000719 Jan 2001  accorsucks.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-000831 Jan 2001  knirps.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-00097 Feb 2001  mckinseyglobalinstitute.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-001115 Jan 2001  ubert.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-001317 Jan 2001  fostralia2000.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-001529 Jan 2001  telecompersonal.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-001615 Jan 2001  ferroser.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-001719 Jan 2001  ferrovial.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-001817 Jan 2001  ferrovialagroman.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-001917 Jan 2001  ferrovial-agroman.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-002017 Jan 2001  guinessbeer.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-002115 Jan 2001  moeginsburg.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-002312 Feb 2001  sumnerredstone.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-002417 Jan 2001  contrarotator.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-00252 Feb 2001  ferragamo.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-00262 Feb 2001  guinnessguide.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-002816 Jan 2001  uselancome.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-002915 Jan 2001  mtvmusic.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-003017 Jan 2001  arels.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-003124 Jan 2001  sweeps.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-003217 Jan 2001  uslexus.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-00345 Feb 2001  dolphinexpress.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-003517 Jan 2001  the-wherehouse.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-003619 Jan 2001  mediawherehouse.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-003722 Jan 2001  imaximax.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-003815 Jan 2001  robotel.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-003922 Jan 2001  e-accor.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-004218 Jan 2001  pureessence.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-004315 Jan 2001  cargoskyteam.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-004415 Jan 2001  christiesimages.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-004524 Jan 2001  seattlepi.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-004623 Jan 2001  telstraweb.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-004723 Jan 2001  brisbanecity.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-004813 Feb 2001  wherehouse-music.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-004922 Jan 2001  caribeangold.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-005018 Jan 2001  mensfitnessespanol.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-005123 Jan 2001  yahoo-asian.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-005324 Jan 2001  kossway.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-005418 Jan 2001  carlsberg-breweries.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-00551 Feb 2001  aolsportsbet.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-005630 Jan 2001  missouribank.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-00571 Feb 2001  carrows.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-005923 Jan 2001  patricia-ford.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-006019 Jan 2001  ggoogle.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-006122 Jan 2001  aol-girls.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-00625 Feb 2001  swapclear.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2001-006330 Jan 2001  calovernight.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-00641 Feb 2001  atsrologyzone.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-006525 Jan 2001  atlanticrecords.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-006715 Feb 2001  drexel.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-006823 Jan 2001  gayebay.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-00697 Feb 2001  brisbane.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-00701 Feb 2001  fifatickets.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-00717 Feb 2001  lauresainclair.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-007225 Jan 2001  unithai.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-007425 Jan 2001  ode.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-007526 Jan 2001  christiesauction.comName transfer

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceeding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0482)
eRes=eResolution (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0483)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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