List of Proceedings Under Uniform Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Policy

Decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy are subject to challenge by court action. For information about a specific court action, contact the court handling the action or a legal search resource.

UDRP Proceedings--Arranged by Proceeding Number
Proceeding Number Date Commenced   Domain Name(s) Status/Panel Decision
WIPO D2001-06167 May 2001  tigerbeat.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-061715 May 2001  sportmansguide.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-061811 May 2001  cokerules.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-061910 May 2001  allessandra.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-062013 Jun 2001  bq-3b2sg7kmmwyiaxq.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-06216 Jun 2001  smirnoffbar.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-062210 May 2001  morinaga.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-062315 May 2001  imt2000telstra.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-062411 May 2001  zeetv.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-062516 May 2001  smirnoff-black.netDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2001-062614 May 2001  royalbankofscotlandtenerife.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-062722 May 2001  tatapower.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-062821 May 2001  casacor.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-062910 May 2001  icqporn.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-063014 May 2001  latoja.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-063125 May 2001  laboratoriosrecalcine.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-063211 May 2001  mastercardinternational.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-063318 May 2001  philips2000.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-063421 Jun 2001  lv3.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-063515 May 2001  aarcorp.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-063716 May 2001  ubs-privatebanking.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-063825 May 2001  henniez.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-063916 May 2001  marcelospel.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-06405 Jun 2001  williams-sonama.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-064129 May 2001  christiansciencereadingroom.comDismissal, unspecified
WIPO D2001-064222 May 2001  icq-hacks.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-064318 May 2001  iittala.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-064521 May 2001  sellicq.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-064718 May 2001  royharper.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-064817 May 2001  cheesecake-factory.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-064923 May 2001  tempoteam.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-06505 Jun 2001  klonopin.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-065128 May 2001  bushgardensinc.comSplit decision
WIPO D2001-065223 May 2001  millerliteracing.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-065319 Jun 2001  mackinacislandflorist.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-065413 Jun 2001  bacstreetboys.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-065623 May 2001  vitalityonline.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-065729 May 2001  cafecreme.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-065831 May 2001  coraliahotels.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-065922 May 2001  mariah-carey.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-06601 Jun 2001  michelin.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-066123 May 2001  aolwomen.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-06622 Jul 2001  ritas.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-066328 May 2001  benchmarkjobs.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-06648 Jun 2001  cantorsports.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-066521 Jun 2001  batigere.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-066626 Jun 2001  aunomdelarose.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-06671 Jun 2001  mtvmp3s.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-06687 Jun 2001  itmetrixx.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-067028 May 2001  utoronto.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-06717 Jun 2001  oneline.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-067231 May 2001  elconsorci.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-067328 May 2001  icqsingles.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-067425 May 2001  toyotafinancialservices.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-06758 Jun 2001  agabekov.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-067629 May 2001  lawstuff.orgDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-067731 May 2001  bbb-asia.comRegistration cancelled
WIPO D2001-067828 Jun 2001  venetiancasino.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-06806 Jun 2001  henniez.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-068130 May 2001  ceyx.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-068311 Jun 2001  thelocalchurch.orgDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-06846 Jun 2001  s-m-i-r-n-o-f-f.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-06851 Jun 2001  pizzamovil.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-068630 May 2001  grupomarch.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-068720 Jun 2001  fonestar.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-06885 Jun 2001  uefaeuro2004.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-068930 May 2001  villeroy-et-boch.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-069030 May 2001  villeroyandboch.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-069125 Jun 2001  royal-dutch-airlines.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-06926 Jun 2001  klm.netDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-069311 Jun 2001  bancodechile.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-069411 Jun 2001  bancochile.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-069511 Jun 2001  bancochile.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-06967 Jun 2001  quixtarnet1.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-06974 Jul 2001  tera-beam.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-069831 May 2001  gulfstatestoyota.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-06998 Jun 2001  aameshomeloans.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-07005 Jun 2001  starwarspictures.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-070123 Jul 2001  wwwsunkist.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-070219 Jun 2001  torino2006.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-070327 Jun 2001  designescrow.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-070420 Jun 2001  scaniaengineparts.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-07076 Jun 2001  infusio.netDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-07084 Jul 2001  wumailgram.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-070911 Jun 2001  givesyouwings.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-07101 Jun 2001  xavihernandez.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-071111 Jul 2001  theinjurylawyers.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-07126 Jun 2001  microncommunications.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-071328 Aug 2001  thierry-mugler.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-071412 Jun 2001  lucifero.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-071511 Jun 2001  ktxa.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-071613 Jun 2001  urn2ticketmaster.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-07177 Jun 2001  uefa2004.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-071821 Jun 2001  singlessite.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-07198 Jun 2001  jonesapparelgroup.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-072013 Jun 2001  1500callticketmaster.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-072128 Jun 2001  magic1054.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-072213 Jun 2001  amcron.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-072312 Jun 2001  volvoaero.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-072415 Jun 2001  lancomparis.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-072514 Jun 2001  moneycorp.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-072612 Jun 2001  recordeagle.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-072729 Jun 2001  3mtapes.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-072821 Jun 2001  gripritefasners.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-072921 Jun 2001  arcastocktrader.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-073012 Jun 2001  sexsina.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-073112 Jun 2001  teasina.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-073224 Jul 2001  isetan.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-073311 Jun 2001  sap-ag.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-073412 Jun 2001  cariparma.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-073513 Jun 2001  canon.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-073611 Jun 2001  3mconsul.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-073715 Jun 2001  sunkistjapan.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-073811 Jun 2001  universalstudioscitywalk.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-073919 Jun 2001  daihatsu.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-074019 Jun 2001  backeye.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-074128 Jun 2001  repsolypf.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-074212 Jun 2001  geicodirect.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-07449 Aug 2001  uni-konstanz.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-074512 Jun 2001  playboy-photographer.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-074614 Jun 2001  university-of-oxford.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-074728 Jun 2001  potomac-mills.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-074814 Jun 2001  spiritairlines.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-074925 Jun 2001  deepfreeze.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-075014 Jun 2001  bq-3bqfe5i7mmdwk4a.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-075213 Jun 2001  pinkfloyd.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-075413 Jun 2001  coca-coladrink.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-075514 Jun 2001  myoblock.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-075613 Jun 2001  federalcartridge.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-075712 Jun 2001  te1stra.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-075815 Jun 2001  autofuoristrada.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-075918 Jun 2001  autoefuoristrada.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-076015 Jun 2001  whatisicq.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-076114 Jun 2001  wwwroyalbank.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-076220 Jun 2001  brown-shoes.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-076313 Jun 2001  myeronline.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-076421 Jun 2001  matress.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-076514 Jun 2001  hindustanlever.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-076619 Jun 2001  newyorkdesigncenter.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-076713 Jun 2001  valcyte.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-076815 Jun 2001  deloitte-touche.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-076915 Jun 2001  reliantcenter.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-077015 Jun 2001  endeavorstechnology.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-077115 Jun 2001  eurotunel.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-077221 Jun 2001  budget-rent-a-phone.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-077322 Jun 2001  edicionesdelprado.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-077420 Jun 2001  just-like-qvc.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-077527 Jun 2001  readybrek.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-077610 Jul 2001  strongarm.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-077720 Jun 2001  officialnascar.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-077810 Jul 2001  playboysportsbooks.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-077926 Jun 2001  columbiaparcar.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-078027 Jun 2001  canarias7.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-078110 Jul 2001  bq--abtg64tuovxos3y.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-078225 Jun 2001  sami.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-07833 Jul 2001  computerconnection.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-078427 Jun 2001  adam-12.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-078629 Jun 2001  j-phone-west.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-07879 Jul 2001  scorpions.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-078828 Jun 2001  komo4.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-079028 Jun 2001  okidata.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-079127 Jun 2001  pfizre.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-079329 Jun 2001  avnet-kent.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-079420 Jun 2001  coopermeavier.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-079520 Jun 2001  fulleon.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-07966 Aug 2001  myphillips.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-079713 Jul 2001  autotader.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-079825 Jul 2001  aspengrove.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-079926 Jun 2001  aolfind.comSplit decision
WIPO D2001-080026 Jun 2001  telstra-pccw.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-080129 Jun 2001  ibanestobroker.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-080227 Jun 2001  flexjetpilots.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-08032 Jul 2001  planete-rap.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-080430 Jul 2001  at-t.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-08059 Jul 2001  valio.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-080625 Jun 2001  tubreizh.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-080727 Jun 2001  deloitteandtouche.netCase suspended at complainant's request
WIPO D2001-080925 Jul 2001  kvaerner.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-081011 Jul 2001  apartmenttemporaries.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-08112 Jul 2001  playboyssportsbook.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-081226 Jun 2001  ladbrokesportsbook.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-081310 Jul 2001  superfares.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-081410 Jul 2001  superfares.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-081527 Jun 2001  ellos.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-081720 Jul 2001  bq--gdu2jvwjuiName transfer
WIPO D2001-081827 Jun 2001  truworths.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-081927 Jun 2001  sacherhotel.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-08203 Jul 2001  riyadbank.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-082110 Jul 2001  forumdeshalles.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-082228 Jun 2001  kopperschocolates.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-08234 Jul 2001  clinomics.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-082427 Jun 2001  avanadeconsulting.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-08252 Jul 2001  billerbeck.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-08262 Jul 2001  chinatrust.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-08274 Jul 2001  digitalvision.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-082810 Jul 2001  lycosbox.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-08293 Jul 2001  golay.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-083029 Jun 2001  attmsn.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-083124 Jul 2001  powertv.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-083217 Jul 2001  rif.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-08332 Jul 2001  lemonchecker.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-08359 Jul 2001  iaol.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-083616 Jul 2001  philipsmagnavox.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-083728 Jun 2001  virginmobile.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-083823 Aug 2001  rigesa.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-084010 Jul 2001  aboattrader.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-08419 Jul 2001  playmobilusa.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-084216 Aug 2001  saidi.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-08439 Jul 2001  dixons-online.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-08449 Jul 2001  juvemania.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-084512 Jul 2001  radiolinja.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-08469 Jul 2001  tampabaybusinessjournal.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-084823 Jul 2001  swarovskibroker.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-084912 Jul 2001  kocbank.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-085016 Jul 2001  riptorn.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-085111 Jul 2001  palais-congres-paris.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-085211 Jul 2001  bitegolf.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-085310 Jul 2001  rafaelhotels.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-085419 Jul 2001  rothschilds-bank.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-085520 Jul 2001  elsevierscience.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-085631 Jul 2001  amdocs.netDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-085717 Jul 2001  furrytails.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-085819 Jul 2001  salvesen.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-085916 Jul 2001  laredoute.comCase suspended at complainant's request
WIPO D2001-086013 Jul 2001  caledonia-motors.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-086116 Jul 2001  countrysidealliance.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-086219 Jul 2001  countrysidealliance.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-086319 Jul 2001  teenbeat.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-086516 Jul 2001  kodnatural.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-086619 Jul 2001  playboystory.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-086717 Aug 2001  skfindia.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-086817 Jul 2001  rubysdiner.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-086913 Jul 2001  hollyjollychristmas.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-087017 Sep 2001  sematech.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-087119 Jul 2001  dotsex.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-087219 Jul 2001  scholasticnetworks.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-087320 Jul 2001  vangaurd.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-087417 Jul 2001  casinograndbay.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-087520 Jul 2001  donna.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-087619 Jul 2001  ninemsm.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-08798 Aug 2001  vangoghmuseum.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-088124 Jul 2001  cartasi.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-088225 Jul 2001  houseofbauer.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-088331 Jul 2001  neromix.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-088421 Aug 2001  marieclaire.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-088518 Jul 2001  forphilipsindia.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-088624 Jul 2001  gioia.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-088717 Jul 2001  icqthai.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-088914 Jul 2001  halifaxequitable.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-08907 Sep 2001  atthola.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-08919 Aug 2001  wwwoakley.comDismissal without prejudice

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceeding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0482)
eRes=eResolution (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0483)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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