List of Proceedings Under Uniform Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Policy

Decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy are subject to challenge by court action. For information about a specific court action, contact the court handling the action or a legal search resource.

UDRP Proceedings--Arranged by Proceeding Number
Proceeding Number Date Commenced   Domain Name(s) Status/Panel Decision
WIPO D2001-089431 Jul 2001  milbanktweed.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-089625 Jul 2001  juvetravel.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-089716 Aug 2001  emonkey.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-089820 Jul 2001  evisu.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-089924 Jul 2001  americares.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09002 Aug 2001  abercrombieandfilth.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-090124 Jul 2001  abercrombiefitch.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-090227 Jul 2001  grow.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-09038 Aug 2001  okidataparts.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-090427 Jul 2001  aladdinbailbonds.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-09051 Aug 2001  pacbellpark.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-090620 Jul 2001  netafrikticketmaster.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-090726 Jul 2001  aldarauditbureau.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-090824 Jul 2001  canadian-living.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-091030 Jul 2001  ladylancome.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-091130 Jul 2001  yvessaintlaurent.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-091216 Aug 2001  oniway.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-091330 Jul 2001  wwwcarfax.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-091421 Nov 2001  clorex.netPending
WIPO D2001-091527 Jul 2001  bq--3cmzs3rpjyfg252tt6gfbeuarbga.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-091630 Jul 2001  maggi.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-09172 Aug 2001  sogelease.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-09186 Aug 2001  fucknetscape.comSplit decision
WIPO D2001-091926 Jul 2001  porscheimporters.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09207 Aug 2001  oxford-university.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-092125 Jul 2001  mtvclubs.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-092231 Jul 2001  carfaxtoday.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09238 Aug 2001  clorex.orgDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-092526 Jul 2001  wgz-bank.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-092631 Jul 2001  trocal.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09276 Aug 2001  attexcite.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-092826 Jul 2001  edminds.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-092911 Sep 2001  carfaxdiscount.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09303 Aug 2001  wwwtroweprice.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09316 Aug 2001  bowneglobalsolutions.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-093230 Jul 2001  sydneymarkets.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09346 Aug 2001  ge-ct.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09356 Aug 2001  sina69.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-093627 Sep 2001  koestritzer.comPending
WIPO D2001-093726 Jul 2001  wwwedmunds.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09387 Aug 2001  royalbankcanada.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-09399 Aug 2001  lonmark.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-094027 Jul 2001  melloyellow.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-094127 Jul 2001  cosmos.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-094210 Aug 2001  sabanci.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09431 Aug 2001  mbassy.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-094420 Aug 2001  hayesandjarvis.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-094527 Jul 2001  austrianairlines.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-094629 Aug 2001  scholasticadvising.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-094724 Jul 2001  texstyleworld.lcomName transfer
WIPO D2001-094831 Jul 2001  ingrammicro.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-094931 Jul 2001  alehop.comPending
WIPO D2001-095022 Aug 2001  southamericantours.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-095117 Aug 2001  caesarspalaceonlinecasino.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09522 Aug 2001  clicksearch.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-095331 Jul 2001  icomcast.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-095431 Jul 2001  nuermont.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-095531 Oct 2001  bancodobrasil.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09569 Aug 2001  lacostechina.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-095723 Aug 2001  americaonlinelatino.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-095830 Jul 2001  aspreydirect.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09592 Aug 2001  wwwschwab.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-096127 Aug 2001  momoracing.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-09628 Aug 2001  csbsportsline.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09638 Aug 2001  vegasinsder.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09642 Aug 2001  cream.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-09659 Aug 2001  sagem-wap.comRegistration cancelled
WIPO D2001-09674 Aug 2001  gewoodchester.comPending
WIPO D2001-09688 Aug 2001  aol-affiliate.comPending
WIPO D2001-096921 Aug 2001  bellsouthsrclassic.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-09707 Aug 2001  breifing.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09719 Aug 2001  cyberguardinc.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-097222 Aug 2001  cyber-guard.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09739 Aug 2001  drdoc.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-097410 Aug 2001  tataamex.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09757 Aug 2001  oxford-online.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09767 Aug 2001  pokemontrader.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-097731 Aug 2001  campoviejo.comPending
WIPO D2001-097828 Aug 2001  tompapania.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-09797 Aug 2001  bongoboard.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-098020 Sep 2001  wealthwizard.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-09818 Aug 2001  renfe.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09828 Aug 2001  simman.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-09837 Aug 2001  okidataprintersusa.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-098413 Aug 2001  sexoyahoo.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-098513 Aug 2001  yahoohoroscope.comCase suspended at complainant's request
WIPO D2001-09869 Aug 2001  lemon-check.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09878 Aug 2001  mountainstarvacations.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09888 Aug 2001  resicom.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09908 Aug 2001  okidataservice.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-099116 Aug 2001  peepers.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-099210 Aug 2001  kalahari.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-099314 Aug 2001  porsche-usa.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-09949 Aug 2001  lava.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-099517 Aug 2001  lavamusic.comPending
WIPO D2001-099619 Sep 2001  theholidayinn.comPending
WIPO D2001-099716 Aug 2001  britishcouncil.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-100016 Aug 2001  synplify.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-100114 Aug 2001  jardineperformance.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-100214 Aug 2001  playboyonline.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-100315 Aug 2001  ferrari-shop.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-100415 Aug 2001  ferrarishop.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-10051 Oct 2001  vogueenespanol.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-100616 Aug 2001  peoplefortheamericanway.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-100713 Aug 2001  tigerbeatmagazine.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-100817 Aug 2001  virginmail.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-100915 Aug 2001  familiar.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-101016 Aug 2001  nasdaqamexstockexchange.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-101116 Aug 2001  china-scholastic.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-101222 Aug 2001  scholastic-books.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-101326 Oct 2001  cytospin.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-101415 Aug 2001  locma.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-101517 Aug 2001  limitedtooonline.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-101722 Aug 2001  powerstation.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-101821 Aug 2001  betthomes.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-101916 Aug 2001  thecybertraders.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-102017 Aug 2001  pokemonplanet.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-102122 Aug 2001  brucetrail.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-102320 Aug 2001  tiltbin.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-102426 Sep 2001  futuresinternational.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-102524 Oct 2001  bq--3bmsuu7e.comPending
WIPO D2001-102627 Aug 2001  remyxo.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-102723 Aug 2001  harrodscloset.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-102822 Aug 2001  wealthwizard.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-102922 Aug 2001  rothchildbank.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-103024 Aug 2001  danceteria.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-103129 Aug 2001  mitsubishi-motors.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-103222 Aug 2001  racingform.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-103328 Aug 2001  medtronixs.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-103524 Aug 2001  redbul.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-103629 Aug 2001  quelle.netPending
WIPO D2001-103727 Aug 2001  vodaphone.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-103823 Aug 2001  soultrain.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-10395 Sep 2001  calvinkleinperfumes.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-104029 Aug 2001  toromontenergy.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-104127 Aug 2001  jonesapparelgroup.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-10425 Sep 2001  grayjennings.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-10435 Sep 2001  china-aol.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-104411 Sep 2001  investwithconfidence.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-10453 Sep 2001  bancotequendama.comPending
WIPO D2001-104631 Aug 2001  riello.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-104727 Aug 2001  thesahara.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-10483 Sep 2001  kevis.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-10497 Sep 2001  vogueaustralia.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-105030 Aug 2001  fairmonthotelsandresorts.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-105127 Aug 2001  icqauto.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-10529 Oct 2001  tabcorp.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-105325 Sep 2001  pacificbelldsl.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-105431 Aug 2001  multauto.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-105522 Oct 2001  smirnof.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-105631 Aug 2001  budgetcarcarriers.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-105729 Aug 2001  sandsofthecaribbean.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-105831 Aug 2001  vacutainer.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-105929 Aug 2001  singtel-mobile.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-10603 Sep 2001  attbusinessinternetservices.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-106120 Sep 2001  onida.comPending
WIPO D2001-10624 Sep 2001  baldinivernici.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-106320 Sep 2001  toefltests.netPending
WIPO D2001-106426 Sep 2001  toeflrc.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-106513 Sep 2001  welches.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-106612 Sep 2001  www-trip.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-106812 Sep 2001  apolloscripts.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-107014 Sep 2001  pokefan.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-107114 Sep 2001  amymiller.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-107210 Sep 2001  welchfoods.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-10735 Sep 2001  geomagazine.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-10754 Sep 2001  vespavintage.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-107610 Sep 2001  deca-durabolin.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-107710 Sep 2001  decadurabolin.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-10797 Sep 2001  flagshipbank.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-10805 Sep 2001  baynewsnine.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-10827 Sep 2001  playboymarket.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-108320 Sep 2001  amanresort.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-108414 Sep 2001  kwai.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-108514 Sep 2001  cointreau.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-108611 Sep 2001  xigris.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-108711 Sep 2001  expdia.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-108811 Sep 2001  expeadia.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-10892 Oct 2001  tataaig.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-109010 Sep 2001  prada.orgPending
WIPO D2001-109211 Sep 2001  sembcorp.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-109320 Sep 2001  garderewynne.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-109424 Sep 2001  cognigencorp.comPending
WIPO D2001-109510 Sep 2001  porshe.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-109718 Sep 2001  bpjapan.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-10991 Oct 2001  slipknot2.comPending
WIPO D2001-110014 Sep 2001  cnatutor.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-110111 Sep 2001  worldnokia.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-110214 Sep 2001  tosiba.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-110313 Sep 2001  sandalsdot.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-110412 Oct 2001  cartanevada.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-110513 Sep 2001  reverso.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-11061 Oct 2001  linkorama.comPending
WIPO D2001-110724 Sep 2001  marketlive.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-110819 Sep 2001  randgold.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-110915 Oct 2001  price-waterhouse-coopers.comPending
WIPO D2001-11108 Oct 2001  iffco.comPending
WIPO D2001-11113 Oct 2001  diegruenen.netRegistration cancelled
WIPO D2001-11122 Oct 2001  rothchildbank.comPending
WIPO D2001-111316 Oct 2001  bq- -3cgmo5irlaba.netPending
WIPO D2001-111420 Sep 2001  justdoit.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-111526 Sep 2001  wwwnike.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-11171 Oct 2001  pesola.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-111827 Sep 2001  pohjola.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-111921 Sep 2001  acmilanweb.comPending
WIPO D2001-112121 Sep 2001  vivendiuniversalsucks.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-112216 Oct 2001  rendellforgovernor.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-112324 Sep 2001  celebrationshoes.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-11241 Oct 2001  alcoholicsanonymous.orgPending
WIPO D2001-11251 Oct 2001  merci.comPending
WIPO D2001-112625 Sep 2001  ochsner.comPending
WIPO D2001-112821 Sep 2001  vogueitalia.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-113028 Sep 2001  visiva.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-113126 Sep 2001  geac.netPending
WIPO D2001-113211 Jul 2001  sony-ericsson.comPending
WIPO D2001-113325 Sep 2001  toyotaenespanol.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-113426 Sep 2001  thesands.comPending
WIPO D2001-113525 Sep 2001  giancarlofisichella.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-113625 Sep 2001  infrisa.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-11378 Oct 2001  ferrero-rocher.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-113826 Sep 2001  rundstedt.comDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-11403 Oct 2001  mauricelacroix.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-11412 Oct 2001  icqvideo.comPending
WIPO D2001-11421 Oct 2001  chevron-texaco.comPending
WIPO D2001-11431 Oct 2001  warrenfaidley.comPending
WIPO D2001-11442 Nov 2001  lagier.comPending
WIPO D2001-114527 Sep 2001  schaumanwood.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-11479 Oct 2001  chateaumargaux.orgName transfer
WIPO D2001-11493 Oct 2001  reparalia.comPending
WIPO D2001-115019 Oct 2001  philipspc.comPending
WIPO D2001-11515 Oct 2001  philipsdealer.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-115216 Oct 2001  commercial-union.comPending
WIPO D2001-11541 Oct 2001  prom.comPending
WIPO D2001-11551 Oct 2001  bq--3dle3t3iy5anlci.comCase suspended at complainant's request
WIPO D2001-115626 Sep 2001  adidascasino.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-115727 Sep 2001  carsands.comPending
WIPO D2001-115815 Oct 2001  calvinkleincosmetics.comPending
WIPO D2001-11593 Oct 2001  attworldnet.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-116028 Sep 2001  worldnetatt.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-11611 Oct 2001  telstrapccw.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-11625 Oct 2001  harrodsgarments.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-11638 Oct 2001  wapharrods.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-11643 Oct 2001  harrodsactual.comPending
WIPO D2001-11653 Oct 2001  harrodshomeshopping.comPending
WIPO D2001-116628 Sep 2001  imaxtheatre.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-11672 Oct 2001  chemnet.comDismissal without prejudice
WIPO D2001-116822 Oct 2001  roho.comName transfer
WIPO D2001-11704 Oct 2001  k-market.netDecision for respondent
WIPO D2001-11714 Oct 2001  novolin.netName transfer
WIPO D2001-11735 Nov 2001  vakkorama.comPending
WIPO D2001-11745 Oct 2001  dolcegabbana.comName transfer

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceeding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0482)
eRes=eResolution (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0483)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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