List of Proceedings Under Uniform Domain Name
Dispute Resolution Policy

Decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy are subject to challenge by court action. For information about a specific court action, contact the court handling the action or a legal search resource.

UDRP Proceedings--Arranged by Decision Date

Date Decided Date Commenced Proceeding Number   Domain Name(s) Case Type Status/Panel Decision
31 Aug 200322 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0509  chisandra.comUDRPName transfer
29 Aug 200316 Jul 2003NAF FA00166018  daylighters.comUDRPName transfer
29 Aug 200321 Jul 2003NAF FA00169095  wwwcountrywide.comUDRPName transfer
29 Aug 20036 Aug 2003NAF FA00173361  autonics.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
29 Aug 200312 Aug 2003WIPO D2003-0606  california-closets.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
29 Aug 200320 Aug 2003WIPO D2003-0608  californiacloset.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
28 Aug 200323 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0392  elampeberger.comUDRPName transfer
28 Aug 200315 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0496  lanerieagnona.netUDRPName transfer
27 Aug 200318 Jul 2003NAF FA00168843  mortgagebankamerica21.comUDRPName transfer
27 Aug 200314 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0503  bedra.comUDRPName transfer
27 Aug 20039 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0519  piercebrosnan.comUDRPName transfer
26 Aug 200317 Jul 2003NAF FA00166020  yahoocams.comUDRPName transfer
26 Aug 200316 Jul 2003NAF FA00168857  scribbles.comUDRPName transfer
26 Aug 200311 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0517  nastyadameve.comUDRPDecision for respondent
26 Aug 200315 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0534  thrive.comUDRPDecision for respondent
25 Aug 200314 Jul 2003NAF FA00167921  redstartravel.comUDRPName transfer
25 Aug 200315 Jul 2003NAF FA00167968  toastmastersd57.orgUDRPName transfer
25 Aug 200328 Jul 2003NAF FA00170517  bestofaugusta.comUDRPName transfer
25 Aug 200313 May 2003WIPO D2003-0360  cyberpatrol.infoUDRPDismissal without prejudice
25 Aug 200326 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0454  itau.infoUDRPName transfer
25 Aug 200330 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0470  holidayinnsearcy.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
25 Aug 200318 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0528  descargasmsn.comUDRPName transfer
25 Aug 20039 Jul 2003WIPO DBZ2003-0002  nutella.bzUDRPName transfer
25 Aug 20039 Jul 2003WIPO DBZ2003-0003  zegna.bzUDRPName transfer
24 Aug 200321 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0541  porno-oscar.comUDRPRegistration cancelled
23 Aug 200323 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0415  secretshoppercompany.comUDRPDecision for respondent
22 Aug 200319 May 2003ADNDRC HK-0300028  easterntelecom.comUDRPName transfer
22 Aug 200315 Jul 2003NAF FA00167913  delano-hotel-miami-beach.comUDRPName transfer
22 Aug 200310 Jul 2003NAF FA00167915  infousa.infoUDRPDecision for respondent
22 Aug 200316 Jul 2003NAF FA00167970  wwwregister.comUDRPName transfer
22 Aug 200314 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0448  sparcosrl.comUDRPName transfer
22 Aug 200325 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0465  berlitzsucks.comUDRPName transfer
22 Aug 20039 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0480  citifinancial.comUDRPName transfer
22 Aug 20039 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0518  frequenceplus.comUDRPName transfer
22 Aug 200314 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0535  alamocar.comUDRPName transfer
22 Aug 200314 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0536  alamocarrental.comUDRPName transfer
21 Aug 200317 Mar 2003ADNDRC HK-0300023  qchem.comUDRPName transfer
21 Aug 200310 Jul 2003NAF FA00159549  allamericanuniversity.bizUDRPName transfer
21 Aug 200316 Jul 2003NAF FA00169053  century21homesforsale.comUDRPName transfer
21 Aug 200329 Jul 2003NAF FA00170645  plainscommercebank.comUDRPName transfer
21 Aug 200319 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0442  tuyap.comUDRPName transfer
21 Aug 200325 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0455  croatiaairlines.comUDRPName transfer
21 Aug 20032 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0466  littlegym.comUDRPName transfer
20 Aug 200316 Jun 2003NAF FA00161272  adviceyahoo.comUDRPDismissal, unspecified
20 Aug 20039 Jul 2003NAF FA00166005  cleviteengineparts.comUDRPName transfer
20 Aug 20037 Jul 2003NAF FA00166019  aologis.comUDRPName transfer
20 Aug 20039 Jul 2003NAF FA00167922  videocall.comUDRPDecision for respondent
20 Aug 200310 Jul 2003NAF FA00167927  amazonpills.comUDRPName transfer
20 Aug 200321 Jul 2003NAF FA00169085  diners-club.netUDRPName transfer
20 Aug 20039 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0513  nutellaferrero.comUDRPName transfer
20 Aug 20038 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0523  wwqvc.comUDRPName transfer
20 Aug 200315 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0546  oberture.comUDRPName transfer
19 Aug 200330 Jun 2003NAF FA00165141  containerstores.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
19 Aug 200316 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0413  real-yellow-pages.netUDRPName transfer
18 Aug 200311 Jul 2003NAF FA00167960  dljmarketing.comUDRPName transfer
18 Aug 20034 Aug 2003NAF FA00170616  alstyleapparel.comUDRPName transfer
18 Aug 200319 May 2003WIPO D2003-0355  lonelyplanetvietnam.comUDRPName transfer
18 Aug 20039 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0501  xboxchaets.comUDRPName transfer
18 Aug 20039 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0510  wwwmatch.comUDRPName transfer
18 Aug 20039 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0511  uhaulmovingtruck.comUDRPName transfer
15 Aug 200316 Apr 2003ADNDRC HK-0300026  aisocn.comUDRPSplit decision
15 Aug 20037 Jul 2003NAF FA00165951  barbietraders.comUDRPName transfer
15 Aug 20038 Jul 2003NAF FA00167910  geocitries.comUDRPName transfer
15 Aug 20038 Jul 2003NAF FA00167916  shopconcordmall.comUDRPName transfer
15 Aug 20037 Jul 2003NAF FA00167917  rockfinanical.comUDRPName transfer
15 Aug 200322 Jul 2003NAF FA00168848  boreem.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
15 Aug 200323 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0414  bayloreye.orgUDRPName transfer
15 Aug 200317 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0435  bellsputh.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
15 Aug 200325 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0474  parma-schinken.comUDRPName transfer
15 Aug 20039 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0497  wwwworldnetatt.netUDRPName transfer
14 Aug 20032 Jul 2003NAF FA00165152  winstoncupracing.comUDRPName transfer
14 Aug 20038 Jul 2003NAF FA00165155  ltdcommadities.comUDRPName transfer
14 Aug 20038 Jul 2003NAF FA00166008  apply-for-american-express.comUDRPName transfer
14 Aug 20038 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0516  adameve.comUDRPName transfer
13 Aug 200327 May 2003NAF FA00158432  target-xxx.comUDRPName transfer
13 Aug 20031 Jul 2003NAF FA00165130  lndingtree.comUDRPName transfer
13 Aug 200330 Jun 2003NAF FA00165151  wwwsandals.comUDRPName transfer
13 Aug 200330 Jun 2003NAF FA00165950  aolmailaddress.comUDRPName transfer
13 Aug 20038 Jul 2003NAF FA00167914  qwestwireless.comUDRPName transfer
13 Aug 200318 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0404  vantico.orgUDRPName transfer
12 Aug 200310 Jun 2003NAF FA00161282  mail.ruUDRPDecision for respondent
12 Aug 20037 Jul 2003NAF FA00165944  startribunenews.comUDRPName transfer
12 Aug 20031 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0489  www-adidas.comUDRPName transfer
12 Aug 20031 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0490  wwwadidas.comUDRPName transfer
11 Aug 20033 Jul 2003NAF FA00164564  durlinescales.comUDRPName transfer
11 Aug 200324 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0461  alamo-car-rentals.comUDRPName transfer
11 Aug 200325 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0467  sxs4all.comUDRPName transfer
11 Aug 200330 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0495  buydifferin.comUDRPName transfer
11 Aug 20037 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0520  consitex.comUDRPName transfer
11 Aug 200330 Jun 2003WIPO DRO2003-0004  ermenegildozenga.roUDRPName transfer
11 Aug 200330 Jun 2003WIPO DRO2003-0005  agnona.roUDRPName transfer
9 Aug 200325 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0463  terrellowens.comUDRPName transfer
8 Aug 200316 Jun 2003NAF FA00162058  johnsons.comUDRPDecision for respondent
8 Aug 200326 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0475  wwwbbva.comUDRPName transfer
8 Aug 20033 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0507  hondaindia.comUDRPName transfer
7 Aug 200324 Jun 2003NAF FA00164549  chasingsuperman.comUDRPName transfer
7 Aug 200326 Jun 2003NAF FA00164568  accu-sort.comUDRPName transfer
7 Aug 200324 Jun 2003NAF FA00165120  wwwdogpile.netUDRPName transfer
7 Aug 200319 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0430  citibank.comUDRPName transfer
7 Aug 200325 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0445  sallliemae.comUDRPName transfer
7 Aug 200323 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0456  tiffanygiftstore.comUDRPName transfer
6 Aug 200327 Jun 2003NAF FA00164377  showmeticket.comUDRPName transfer
6 Aug 200327 Jun 2003NAF FA00165108  infospacenet.comUDRPName transfer
5 Aug 200317 Jun 2003NAF FA00162195  apa-style.comUDRPName transfer
5 Aug 200321 May 2003WIPO D2003-0372  brussels-airliner.comUDRPSplit decision
5 Aug 20035 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0409  thecatinthehat.comUDRPName transfer
5 Aug 200316 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0419  vyagra.comUDRPName transfer
5 Aug 20031 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0493  careerbuilder.comUDRPName transfer
4 Aug 20032 Jun 2003NAF FA00159456  americasingle.comUDRPDecision for respondent
4 Aug 200318 Jun 2003NAF FA00162770  humphreybogart.comUDRPName transfer
4 Aug 200316 Jul 2003NAF FA00167965  hustlermovies.comUDRPName transfer
4 Aug 200324 Feb 2003WIPO D2003-0071  amazonbooks.netUDRPName transfer
4 Aug 200323 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0432  wisconsindepartmentofrevenue.comUDRPName transfer
4 Aug 200324 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0481  msnindia.comUDRPName transfer
4 Aug 20034 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0522  yamahaeurope.comUDRPName transfer
2 Aug 200327 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0494  citibankonline.bizUDRPName transfer
1 Aug 200325 Jun 2003NAF FA00162075  kencalvert.comUDRPName transfer
1 Aug 200326 Jun 2003NAF FA00165119  gousawireless.comUDRPName transfer
1 Aug 20033 Jul 2003NAF FA00165121  facialflex.comUDRPDismissal without prejudice
1 Aug 200312 Jun 2003WIPO D2003-0429  expediacruise.comUDRPName transfer
1 Aug 20032 Jul 2003WIPO D2003-0492  mrigrammercy.comUDRPName transfer

The Proceeding Number consists of the abbreviated name of the dispute-resolution service provider followed by the number assigned by that provider to the proceeding. Provider names are abbreviated as follows:

ADNDRC=Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre
CPR=CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution
DeC=Disputes.org/eResolution Consortium (used only for proceedings commenced before 16 October 2000, with numbers DeC AF-0060 to DeC AF-0482)
eRes=eResolution (used only for proceedings commenced on or after 16 October 2000, beginning with proceeding number eRes AF-0483)
NAF=National Arbitration Forum
WIPO=World Intellectual Property Organization

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