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WSIS Working Group:
Stakeholder Statement Regarding Support for ICANN

April 2005

1. ICANN is a bottom up, consensus based, participatory global organization, responsible for coordinating the unique identifiers of the Internet. In particular, ICANN is responsible for ensuring the stable and secure operation of the Internet's unique identifier systems, such as the domain names, IP Addresses, protocol and parameters, the Internet root server system and those policies that are related to the unique identifiers;

2. At ICANN's creation, the community recognized the importance of a unique global forum to address these issues, and has supported the continuing evolution of ICANN as the single global forum for coordinating the unique identifiers of the Internet and related policy;

3. As the Internet evolves, so does the need for the participation of a diverse and ever growing set of stakeholders in relevant policy making activities, with a particular emphasis on the participation of those from developing countries;

4. With this expanding broad participation, ICANN will continue to evolve and mature in its role in coordinating the Internet's unique identifiers, and in increasing awareness and understanding of its role in advancing the Internet.

5. Internet Governance has emerged as an important issue in many fora, most especially through the WSIS process;

6. No single entity or organization possesses the expertise or breadth of participation to address all aspects of Internet Governance in isolation;

7. ICANN provides the opportunity for participation by diverse stakeholders associated with and interested in its activities and mission related to coordination of the unique identifiers of the Internet, and must continually strive to strengthen and improve this participation;

8. Many of the stakeholders involved in ICANN's work are also involved in the broader set of initiatives and organizations already engaged in discussing or addressing Internet Governance.

9. We endorse the ICANN model of a private public partnership–involving the broadest set of stakeholders: civil society, non governmental organizations, commercial and individual users, suppliers, and governments – responsible for coordinating the unique identifiers of the Internet and related policies;

10. We support the continuing internationalization of ICANN, and call on ICANN to finalize and implement plans to bring its Memorandum of Understanding with the U.S. Government to fulfillment and closure, and to evolve ICANN into a stand alone entity able to pursue the roles asked of it by the Internet community;

11. We call on those who seek change in the present stakeholder-driven model for coordination of the technical management of the Internet's unique identifiers to fully participate in ICANN's process and activities, and work with ICANN's stakeholders to address their concerns within the ICANN process;

12. We call on the ICANN Board, all ICANN stakeholders and staff to participate in the Working Group on Internet Governance and in the World Summit on the Information Society to advance broad support for the public private, stakeholder-driven model for coordination of the Internet's unique identifiers;

13. We urge the ICANN board, ICANN stakeholders and staff to support the growing awareness and understanding of ICANN's role, while recognizing the need for collaboration, cooperation, coordination, and coexistence with other organizations and entities who are engaged in the larger issues and activities related to Internet Governance;

14. We support the collaboration and cooperation within the ICANN community of gTLD registries, registrars, Internet service providers, Regional Internet Registries, ccTLD managers, non-commercial and business users and organizations, individual Internet users, the broad technical community, root server operators and governments, and support activities that increase understanding of ICANN's work and focus as the forum for coordinating the unique identifiers of the Internet and related policy; and

15. We support improved communications and collaboration with all members of the ICANN community to support increased understanding and participation in ICANN, in particular from developing countries.

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