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2012-03-16 - Thank You to Departing SSAC Member

Resolution of the ICANN Board
SSAC Membership

Recognized departing SSAC member Xiaodong Lee.

ICANN Structures
Meeting Date: 
Fri, 16 Mar 2012
Resolution Number: 
Implementation Actions: 
  • None
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, Xiaodong Lee was appointed to the ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee on 25 June 2010.

Whereas, ICANN wishes to acknowledge and thank Xiaodong Lee for his service to the community by his membership on the Security and Stability Advisory Committee.

Resolved (2012.03.16.10), Xiaodong Lee has earned the deep appreciation of the Board for his service to ICANN by his membership on the Security and Stability Advisory Committee, and that the Board wishes Xiaodong Lee well in his new role at ICANN.

Rationale for Resolution: 

It is the practice of the SSAC to seek Board recognition of the service of Committee members upon their departure.

Additional Information: 
  • The resolution does not address funding for the items identified therein.