Historical Resolution Tracking Feature » 2012-08-02 - Appointment of Ondrej Filip to SSAC

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2012-08-02 - Appointment of Ondrej Filip to SSAC

Resolution of the ICANN Board
SSAC Appointment

Board approves the appointment of Ondrej Filip to SSAC.

ICANN Structures
Meeting Date: 
Thu, 2 Aug 2012
Resolution Number: 
Implementation Actions: 
  • None
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, the Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) does review its membership and make adjustments from time-to- time.

Whereas, the SSAC Membership Committee, on behalf of the SSAC, requests that the Board should appoint Ondrej Filip to the SSAC.

Resolved (2012.08.02.03), the Board appoints Ondrej Filip to the SSAC.

Rationale for Resolution: 

The SSAC is a diverse group of individuals whose expertise in specific subject matters enables the SSAC to fulfil its charter and execute its mission. Since its inception, the SSAC has invited individuals with deep knowledge and experience in technical and security areas that are critical to the security and stability of the Internet's domain name system.

The SSAC's continued operation as a competent body is dependent on the accrual of talented subject matter experts who have consented to volunteer their time and energies to the execution of the SSACmission. Ondrej Filip is the Chief Executive Officer of NIC.CZ, the registry for .CZ in the Czech Republic. He brings to the SSAC broad experience in the security and stability of the Internet relating to registries.

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