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2012-10-18 - Revised Governance Guidelines

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Revised Governance Guidelines

Revised Governance Guidelines

Administration and Budget
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Thu, 18 Oct 2012
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  • None
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Whereas, the third stage of a three-stage review called for an International Expert Panel to evaluate ICANN's conflicts of interest and ethics regimes and to make recommendations on how they can be improved.

Whereas, during the first two phases of the review, ICANN approved modifications to the Conflicts of Interest Policy, Code of Conduct and Expected Standards of Behavior, and adopted new Governance Guidelines, in order to promote superior ethics, integrity and transparency into ICANN's deliberative processes.

Whereas, the International Expert Panel recommendations have been incorporated into the recently adopted Governance Guidelines, along with some additional comments that the Panel suggested should be added for clarification.

Whereas the Board Governance Committee has reviewed the suggested revisions, considered of the comments provided, and recommend that the Board approve the revised Guidelines.

Whereas, the Board is committed to continue making improvements and enhancements toICANN's conflicts of interest and ethics regimes, and recognizes that the relevant documents and practices may be further revised when further recommendations are made and accepted.

Resolved (2012.10.18.03), the Board adopts the revised Governance Guidelines, but recognizes that this is not the end; the Board will regularly continue to evaluate both ICANN staff and Board members to ensure that ICANN is operating to the highest ethical standards.

Rationale for Resolution: 

Adopting the Revised Governance Guidelines is another step in ICANN's enhancements to its conflicts of interest and ethics practices. As announced in October 2011, ICANN has undertaken a three-part review of these practices, and the continued enhancements of the documented policies and practices is just one way to demonstrate ICANN's commitment to ensuring the legitimacy and sustainability of the ICANN multi-stakeholder model. The adoption of these Governance Guidelines does not represent an end to the conflicts and ethics review work; while it is the end of the three-phase review process, it is expected that each of these documents are to be seen as evolving, and subject to change pending the needs of the ICANN community and all relevant circumstances.

With the approval of these Guidelines and the other revised documents previously approved, ICANN recognizes that demonstrating adherence to such guidelines, policies and codes is an essential part of a commitment to enhance the organization's conflicts and ethics practices.

In response to the public comment received, once these Guidelines are adopted, ICANN is committed to developing a very brief statement of ICANN's commitment to an improved and enhanced Ethics regime.

Taking this action is expected to positively impact the ICANN community through the adoption of heightened practices to address and mitigate the potential for inconsistent application of ethical standards. The adoption of these revised Guidelines is not expected to have a fiscal impact on ICANN, nor is this expected to have any impact on the security, stability and resiliency of the domain name system.

This decision is a Board-level Organizational Administrative function – not requiring public comment (but incorporating comment received on a related document).

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