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2012-10-18 - Thanks to the 2012 Nominating Committee

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Thanks to the 2012 Nominating Committee

Thanks to the 2012 Nominating Committee

ICANN Structures
Meeting Date: 
Thu, 18 Oct 2012
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Implementation Actions: 
  • None
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, on 8 August 2011, ICANN appointed Vanda Scartezini as Chair of the Nominating Committee and Rob Hall as the Chair-Elect of the Nominating Committee.

Whereas, the 2012 Nominating Committee consisted of delegates from each of ICANN's constituencies and advisory bodies.

Resolved (2012.10.18.18), the ICANN Board expresses its deep appreciation to Vanda Scartezini, Rob Hall and all of the members of the 2012 Nominating Committee for their dedication, hard work, and successful efforts.

Additional Information: 
  • Information on the Nominating Committee is available at http://nomcom.icann.org/
  • The resolution does not address funding for the items identified therein.