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2013-02-02 - Multi-Stakeholder Meeting Strategy Working Group

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Multi-Stakeholder Meeting Strategy Working Group

Board approves the creation of the Multi-Stakeholder Meeting Strategy Working Group, and directs it to identify appropriate community members for appointment.

Administration and Budget
Meeting Date: 
Sat, 2 Feb 2013
Resolution Number: 
2013.02.02.08 - 2013.02.02.11
Implementation Actions: 
  • MSWG to provide report to Board
    • Responsible entity: MSWG
    • Due date: 2013 AGM
    • Completion date: Ongoing
  • Identify community members pursuant to the Charter
    • Responsible entity: Original members of MSWG
    • Due date: None provided
    • Completion date: 21 March 2013
  • Provide MSWG with staff support necessary to complete its work
    • Responsible entity: President and CEO
    • Due date: None provided
    • Completion date: 2 February 2013
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, ICANN has committed to identifying ICANN Meeting locations two years in advance.

Whereas, after consideration that adoption of a prior Consolidated Meetings Strategy proposal was not timely, the Public Participation Committee (PPC) initiated work to create a working group to address the meeting location strategy.

Whereas, the PPC has developed a proposed charter for a multistakeholder Meetings Strategy Working Group (MSWG) and recommends that the Board adopt the charter and approve the creation of the MSWG.

Resolved (2013.02.02.08), the Board approves of the creation of the MSWG and adopts the Charter of the MSWG. The MSWG is expected to provide its report to the Board no later than ICANN's 2013 Annual General Meeting.

Resolved (2013.02.02.09), the original members of the MSWG from the ICANN Board are: Sébastien Bachollet, Chair and Chris Disspain.

Resolved (2013.02.02.10), the MSWG, working with the PPC, is directed to proceed with the identification of community members pursuant to the Charter. Community member appointments do not require the approval of the full Board.

Resolved (2013.02.02.11), the President and CEO is directed to provide the MSWG with the staff support necessary to enable the MSWG to undertake and complete its work.

Rationale for Resolution: 

The successful operation of ICANN's public meetings in all of the geographic regions is an important part of ICANN's accountability and transparency efforts. The action today will allow community members to serve alongside Board members in helping to develop a meetings strategy that will align with community needs, while taking into account the fiscal and facility requirements for these meetings.

The creation of this MSWG is expected to have a minimum fiscal impact on ICANN, mostly in the resources to support the new WG. The development of the MSWG is anticipated to have a positive impact on the public interest, as ICANN is working to meet its goals for long-term planning of the meeting while considering community input. This resolution is not expected to have any impact on the security or the stability of the DNS.

This is an Operational Administrative Function of ICANN for which public comment was not required prior to decision. The work of the MSWG is likely to be subject to public comment.

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