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Brussels Branch Manager and Legal Representative

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Meeting Date: 
Sat, 24 Jun 2017
Resolution Number: 
2017.06.24.12 – 2017.06.24.15
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a non-profit, public benefit coporation, duly incorporated and existing under the laws of the State of California and the United States of America, having its principal place of business at 12025 E. Waterfront Drive, Suite 300, Los Angeles, California USA 90094 ("ICANN"), has established a branch office of a non-profit foreign entity in Belgium, currently residing at 6 Rond Point Schuman, b. 5, 1040 Brussels under the name of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

Whereas, by resolution 05.79 of the ICANN Board, Olof Nordling, [PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING CONTACT INFORMATION REDACTED] was appointed as the branch manager and legal representative in Belgium, to serve in this capacity until his appointment is withdrawn by resolution of this Board of Directors.

Whereas, Olof Nordling's role as the branch manager and legal representative in Belgium will end on 31 July 2017 upon his retirement from the corporation.

Whereas, effective 1 August 2017, Jean-Jacques Sahel, [PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING CONTACT INFORMATION REDACTED] will assume the duties of the branch manager and legal representative in Belgium.

Resolved (2017.06.24.12), Olof Nordling's authority to act as branch manager and legal representative for ICANN's branch office in Brussels, Belgium shall be withdrawn, effective 31 July 2017.

Resolved (2017.06.24.13), Jean-Jacques Sahel shall be the new branch manager and legal representative for ICANN's branch office in Brussels, Belgium, effective 1 August 2017 and Mr. Sahel shall not be remunerated for this role.

Resolved (2017.06.24.14), Jean-Jacques Sahel be delegated full power to carry out the daily management of ICANN's branch office in Brussels, Belgium including, but not limited to, the following specific powers regarding the operations of such branch:

Represent the corporation vis-à-vis all public authorities, whether governmental, regional, provincial, municipal or other, the Commercial Courts, Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, the Corporate Counters, the Tax Authorities, including the V.A.T. administration, the Postal Checks service, customs, postal, telephone and telegraph services, and all other public services and authorities.
Sign daily correspondence, receive and sign receipts for registered letters or parcels addressed to the corporation through the post, the customs, the rail-, air- and other transport companies and services.
Take out, sign, transfer or cancel all insurance policies and all contracts for supply of water, gas, power, telephone and other utilities for the branch, and pay invoices, bills and other dues relating thereto.
Sign and accept all quotations, contracts and orders for the purchase or sale of office equipment and other investment goods, services and supplies necessary for the functioning of the branch which do not obligate the corporation to expend more than 500 Euro.
Take or grant leases, including long term leases, on real estate, equipment or other fixed assets and enter into leasing agreements with respect to the same, upon approval from President and CEO of ICANN or ICANN's Board of Directors.
Claim, collect and receive sums of money, documents or property of any kind and sign receipts with respect thereto.
Affiliate the branch with all professional or business organizations.
Represent the branch in court or arbitration proceedings, as plaintiff or defendant, take all necessary steps with respect to the above proceedings, obtain all judgments, and have them executed.
Draft all documents and sign all papers in order to be able to exercise the powers listed above.
Adopt all necessary measures to implement the resolutions and recommendations of the Board of Directors.
Move the branch to any other location in Belgium upon approval of the ICANN President and CEO or the ICANN Board of Directors.
Resolved (2017.06.24.15), this resolution shall remain confidential as an "action relating to personnel or employment matters", pursuant to Article 3, section 3.5b of the ICANN Bylaws, pending public announcement of the selection of the Brussels Branch Manager and Legal Representative.

Rationale for Resolution: 

ICANN is committed to continuing its global reach and presence in all time zones throughout the globe. To this end, the ICANN Board passed resolutions establishing a branch office in Belgium and in 2005 appointed Olof Nordling as the branch manager and legal representative with associated delegated powers to commit these duties. Mr. Nordling will retire from his employment with ICANN on 31 July 2017. This will require the Board to appoint a new branch manager and legal representative. This resolution, appointing Mr. Sahel as the branch manager and legal representative with delegation of the specific powers required to manage the branch, continues ICANN's effective management of the branch office following the retirement of the current branch manager and legal representative.

There will be a fiscal impact on ICANN only to the extent there are expenses for regular travel-related costs, but such impact has been taken into account in the FY18 budget.

This resolution is not intended to have any impact on the security, stability and resiliency of the domain name system.

This is an Organizational Administrative Function not requiring public comment.