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Istanbul Office Lease

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Istanbul Office Lease Negotiations

Execution of lease for a new office facility in Istanbul, Turkey.

Administration and Budget
Meeting Date: 
Wed, 30 Jul 2014
Resolution Number: 
2014.07.30.07 – 2014.07.30.08
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, ICANN has stated its objective to maintain a Hub Office in Istanbul, Turkey.

Whereas, staff has identified and evaluated both the location and costs of a suitable office facility.

Whereas, during a meeting on 18 July 2014, the Board Finance Committee (BFC) reviewed the financial implications of the lease for a new ICANN Hub Office facility in Istanbul, Turkey, and agrees with staff's recommendation.

Whereas, the BFC has recommended that the Board delegate to the President and CEO, or his designee(s), the authority to take all actions to lease the new Hub Office in Istanbul, Turkey, including all necessary contracting and disbursements.

Resolved (2014.07.30.07), the Board delegates to the President and CEO, or his designee(s), the authority to take all necessary actions to execute, and make disbursements in accordance with, the lease for a new office facility in Istanbul, Turkey in an amount not to exceed [REDACTED FOR NEGOTIATION PURPOSES].

Resolved (2014.07.30.08), specific items within this resolution shall remain confidential for negotiation purposes pursuant to Article III, section 5.2 of the ICANN Bylaws until the President and CEO determines that the confidential information may be released.

Rationale for Resolution: 

To support its globalization strategy, ICANN established a Hub Office in Istanbul to better service its stakeholders. Currently, ICANN is using a serviced office, which is typically much more expensive per square meter than a leased office. To meet the demand for increased space to accommodate the projected growth in staff in Istanbul, it is now the appropriate time to move to a more permanent facility. As the existing location has proven to be a good one from which to conduct business in Istanbul, and for commuting staff, office space in the same building has been identified.

The staff performed a thorough analysis of the costs associated with leasing the new office space, and finds it to be a viable, cost-effective solution.

The Board reviewed staff's recommendation for moving the ICANN Istanbul Hub Office to a more permanent location and the determination that the proposal met the financial and business requirements of the organization. The process for selection of this office location does not call for public consultation, as staff assessment of the feasibility of the location is the primary consideration.

There will be a financial impact on ICANN to relocate the Istanbul Hub Office. But such impact would be faced regardless of the location of the office, as a move must be made to accommodate the projected increase in staff growth in that location.

There is no impact on the security or the stability of the DNS due to the relocation of the ICANN Istanbul Hub Office.

This is an Organizational Administrative function that does not require public comment.