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June 2018 ICANN Meeting Venue Contracting

Resolution of the ICANN Board
June 2018 ICANN Meeting Venue Contracting

Approval of June 2018 ICANN Meeting Venue Contracting

Administration and Budget
Meeting Date: 
Wed, 9 Mar 2016
Resolution Number: 
2016.03.09.11 – 2016.03.09.12
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, ICANN intends to hold its second Public Meeting of 2018 in [LOCATION REDACTED FOR NEGOTIATION PURPOSES].


Whereas, staff has already completed a thorough review of the proposed venue and finds it suitable.

Resolved (2016.03.09.11), the Board authorizes the President and CEO, or his designee(s), to engage in and facilitate all necessary contracting and disbursements for the host hotel/convention center for the June 2018 ICANN Public Meeting in [LOCATION REDACTED FOR NEGOTIATION PURPOSES], in an amount not to exceed [AMOUNT REDACTED FOR NEGOTIATION PURPOSES].

Resolved (2016.03.09.12), specific items within this resolution shall remain confidential for negotiation purposes pursuant to Article III, section 5.2 of the ICANN Bylaws until the President and CEO determines that the confidential information may be released.

Rationale for Resolution: 

As part of ICANN's Public Meeting schedule, presently three times a year, ICANN hosts a meeting in a different geographic region (as defined in the ICANN Bylaws). ICANN 62, scheduled for 18-21 June 2018, is to occur in [REDACTED FOR NEGOTIATION PURPOSES].

Staff performed a thorough analysis of the meeting facilities, and ensured they met the Meeting Selection Criteria (see http://meetings.icann.org/location-selection-criteria). Based on the analysis, ICANN has identified [LOCATION REDACTED FOR NEGOTIATION PURPOSES.]

The Board reviewed staff's briefing for hosting the meeting in [LOCATION REDACTED FOR NEGOTIATION PURPOSES] and the determination that the facilities met the significant factors of the Meeting Selection Criteria, as well as the related costs for facilities selected, for the June 2018 ICANN Public Meeting.

There will be a financial impact on ICANN in hosting the meeting and providing travel support as necessary, as well as on the community in incurring costs to travel to the meeting. But such impact would be faced regardless of the location and venue of the meeting. This action will have no impact on the security or the stability of the DNS.

This is an Organizational Administrative function that does not require public comment.