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Organizational Effectiveness Committee Charter Revisions

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Meeting Date: 
Thu, 16 Mar 2017
Resolution Number: 
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, the Organizational Effectiveness Committee of the ICANN Board is responsible for review and oversight of policies, processes, and procedures relating to ICANN's Organizational Reviews, mandated by Section 4.4, in accordance with its current charter.

Whereas, there are parallels in the process of conducting Organizational Reviews and Specific Reviews, with an opportunity for streamlining and providing greater consistency to all reviews.

Whereas, the Organizational Effectiveness Committee has proposed to amend its current charter to expand its oversight to include Specific Reviews, with which the Board Governance Committee agrees.

Resolved (2017.03.16.07), that the Board approves the proposed revisions to the charter of the Organizational Effectiveness Committee to expand its oversight to include Specific Reviews.

Rationale for Resolution: 

Why is the Board addressing the issue?

The Board is addressing this issue because the oversight of Specific Reviews has not been assigned to a specific Board Committee and there is an opportunity for centralizing oversight of all review processes into one ICANN Board Committee, namely the OEC. It is appropriate to consolidate all reviews under the over-arching responsibility of the OEC to ensure that similar standards are consistently applied across all reviews.

What is the proposal being considered?

The Board is modifying the OEC charter to include responsibility for oversight of Specific Reviews from Section 4.6 of the Bylaws, as well as clean-up Bylaws references to match the ICANN Bylaws effective 1 October 2016.

Which stakeholders or others were consulted?

The OEC proposed this change and is willing to take on this role. The BGC is required to evaluate proposed modifications to charters, and the BGC has affirmed its support for the recommendation. No community consultation is required.

What significant materials did the Board review?

The Board reviewed the proposed revisions to the 2015 Organizational Effectiveness Committee charter, and the BGC's recommendations.

Are there positive or negative community impacts?

The proposed revisions are intended to unify the oversight responsibility for Organizational and Specific Reviews, thereby facilitating the streamlining of the Board oversight of both types of reviews. This change in the oversight of the process of reviews is expected to have a positive impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of Organizational and Specific Reviews and by extension provide better transparency and accountability to the community.

Are there fiscal impacts or ramifications on ICANN (strategic plan, operating plan, and budget); the community; and/or the public?

There will be no fiscal impact or adverse ramifications on ICANN's strategic and operating plans from the proposed changes.

Are there any security, stability or resiliency issues relating to the DNS?

There are no security, stability or resiliency issues relating to the DNS as the result of this action.