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Reconfirming Board resolution on .HOTEL and .ECO IRP Declaration

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Board hereby reaffirms the resolution on .HOTEL and .ECO IRP Declaration as it passed on 10 March 2016

Board hereby reaffirms the resolution on .HOTEL and .ECO IRP Declaration as it passed on 10 March 2016

Meeting Date: 
Fri, 27 May 2016
Resolution Number: 
Resolution Text: 

Whereas, at its meeting on 10 March 2016, the Board passed the following resolution https://www.icann.org/resources/board-material/resolutions-2016-03-10-en..., adopting findings found in the Final Declaration [PDF, 2.15 MB] issued on 12 February 2016, in the consolidated Independent Review Process (IRP) proceedings relating to .HOTEL and .ECO. The resolutions of that meeting have been confirmed as approved by the Secretary, as posted on the ICANN website.

Whereas, members of the Board raised some concerns about the speed at which the resolution was passed, and wanted to ensure that the record on the Board's vote, and any voting statement that Board members would like to include, were clear and fully transparent.

Resolved (2016.05.27.08), the Board hereby reaffirms the following resolution it passed on 10 March 2016: https://www.icann.org/resources/board-material/resolutions-2016-03-10-en....

Rationale for Resolution: 

ICANN is committed to ensuring that the record on Board decisions are clear and fully reflect Board members' views. The Board does note that the Secretary considers the resolution found at https://www.icann.org/resources/board-material/resolutions-2016-03-10-en... to have been properly passed at the time of the Board's public meeting on 10 March 2016. However, in light of the questions raised by one Board member, and in acting with an abundance of caution and transparency, we are reaffirming that resolution to ensure that the issue that was fully considered and properly voted on, and that Board members' views are fully set forth on the record.

Reaffirming the Board's prior resolution will have no financial impact on the organization and no direct impact on the security, stability or resiliency of the domain name system.

This is an Organizational Administrative function that does not require public comment.