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RSSAC Bylaws Amendments

Resolution of the ICANN Board
Bylaws Revisions Regarding Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC)

Board adopts revisions to the Bylaws modifying the charter for the RSSAC.

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Meeting Date: 
Thu, 11 Apr 2013
Resolution Number: 
Resolution Text: 
Whereas, in Resolution 2011.01.25.10, the Board approved the Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) review final report implementation steps and instructed the Structural Improvements Committee (SIC), in coordination with staff, to provide the Board with a final implementation plan to address the RSSAC review final recommendations and conclusions. Whereas, in July and August 2012, a working group of RSSAC and SIC members was formed to draft a revised RSSAC charter in order to meet the requirements of the final RSSAC review recommendations. The RSSAC Charter is set forth within the ICANN Bylaws at Article XI, Section 2.3. Whereas, on 4 December 2012, the SIC reviewed the proposed Bylaws revisions and recommended that the suggested changes to Article XI, Section 2.3 be posted for public comment. The Board approved the public comment posting on 20 December 2012, and the comment period was opened on 3 January 2013. No comments were received. Whereas, on 28 March 2013, the SIC recommended that the Board adopt the changes to Article IX, Section 2.3 of the Bylaws. Resolved (2013.04.11.02), the Board adopts the proposed changes to Article XI, Section 2.3 of the ICANN Bylaws that are necessary to modify the charter for the RSSAC in line with the recommendations arising out of the organizational review of the RSSAC.
Rationale for Resolution: 
These ICANN Bylaws amendments will clarify the continuing purpose of the Root Server Advisory Committee (RSSAC). They were recommended by the joint RSSAC-SIC Working Group formed to conclude the implementation of the RSSAC review WG final report: implementation steps [PDF, 448 KB], approved by the Board on 25 January 2011. The proposed Bylaws changes were posted for public comment, and no comments were received in response. The absence of public comment indicates that such amendments are desirable for the RSSAC to improve its effectiveness in the current environment. The Bylaws revisions are drafted to allow the RSSAC sufficient time to coordinate the new RSSAC member terms that are required under the Bylaws, with the first full term under the new Bylaws provision beginning on 1 July 2013. The approval of these Bylaws revisions is an Organizational Administrative Function for which public comment was sought. While the approval of the Bylaws amendments has no budget implications per se, it is expected that the Bylaws revisions will induce RSSAC expenditures. Empowered by the revised Bylaws amendment, the RSSAC will contribute to strengthening the security, stability and resiliency of the DNS. This is an Organizational Administrative Function for which public comment was received.