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Advisory Regarding Neutrality of Independent Evaluators

ICANN has engaged Telcordia Technologies, Inc. to review and evaluate the applications submitted in response to the .NET Request for Proposals. Substantial safeguards have been established to ensure that the members of the Telcordia evaluation team who review and analyze the applications do so in an objective manner independent of inappropriate influences. Neither Telcordia Technologies, Inc. nor individual member of the evaluation team has any financial interest in or similar dealings with any of the applicants. A comprehensive review was undertaken of Telcordia's links to and engagements with companies submitting applications. The nature of each link was determined to be highly unlikely to influence any aspect of the evaluation. This analysis was reviewed with ICANN's General Counsel, who concurred with this conclusion.


Telcordia Technologies, Inc. is a leading global provider of telecommunications software and services for IP, wireline, wireless and cable. Headquartered in Piscataway, N.J., Telcordia has routine business dealings with a broad variety of telecommunications entities throughout the world, including applicants for .net, and has offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Central and Latin America.

Telcordia Technologies is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). Previously known as Bellcore, on November 17, 1997 SAIC acquired Bellcore and renamed the company Telcordia Technologies.

SAIC announced in a November 18, 2004 press release the signing of a definitive agreement to sell its subsidiary Telcordia Technologies, Inc. to Providence Equity Partners (Providence) and Warburg Pincus (Warburg) for $1.35 billion in cash. Providence and Warburg are equal equity investors in the transaction.

Warburg Pincus has also provided financing for NeuStar, Inc.

Prior to 2000, SAIC had an ownership interest in Network Solutions, Inc (NSI). In June 2000, NSI merged and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of VeriSign, Inc. During 2003, SAIC sold all of its shares of VeriSign and no longer holds equity collars or an investment in VeriSign as a result of these transactions.

Beginning in fourth quarter of 2000, Telcordia and VeriSign jointly conducted a six-month trial to explore deployment of ENUM-based services. The trial terminated with no further substantive ENUM business arrangements.

During 1998-1999 timeframe, at SAIC's request, Dr. Dave Sincoskie served on the Technical Advisory Board at NSI. Dr. Sincoskie has not had contact with NSI since it was purchased by VeriSign.

Mr. William A. Roper, Jr, Corporate Executive Vice President, SAIC is currently a director of VeriSign.

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