Address Supporting Organization


The Address Supporting Organization (ASO), is one of three Supporting Organizations called for in the ICANN bylaws.  The ASO will advise the ICANN Board with respect to policy regarding the system of IP addresses, such as, that uniquely identify the Internet's networked computers.

The ICANN Bylaws call for Supporting Organizations to be "formed through community consensus, as reflected in applications or similar proposals to create an initial Supporting Organization."

Proposals for ASO Recognition

To date, ICANN has received the following ASO proposals:

Public comments

Comments on the ASO formation process -- and, particularly, on specific ASO proposals -- are welcome. 

How do I make a comment? Please send comments via email to comment-aso@icann.org.

How do I read the comments that have been submitted? All comments will be automatically posted on the ICANN website at http://www.icann.org/comments-mail/comment-aso/maillist.html for public review and response.  (If your comment is not posted within 12 hours of its submission, please contact webmaster@icann.org.)

A few recent comments are highlighted below:

In addition, a number of comments have been sent to the aso-discuss@ripe.net list, the archives of which are posted on the RIPE NCC site at http://www.ripe.net/mail-archives/aso-discuss/index.html.