ASO Transmittal of Proposed Criteria for Establishment of New Regional Internet Registries

24 April 2001

ASO Transmittal of Proposed Criteria for Establishment of New Regional Internet Registries

Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 08:40:06 +0200
To: Vint Cerf, ICANN Chairman
Stuart Lynn, ICANN President

Re: ASO AC Resolution on "Criteria for the Establishment of New Regional Internet Registries"

Dear Sirs,

Please find enclosed the Address Council's resolution regarding the document "Criteria for the Establishment of New Regional Internet Registries". The Address Council and RIR staff are looking forward to ICANNs actions on these matters and would like to be kept closely up to date on the progress.

On behalf of the
ASO Address Council,
Hans Petter Holen

The RIRs have on request from ICANN developed a document "Criteria for the Establishment of New Regional Internet Registries"

As requested, this document provides criteria and guidelines specifically for ICANN to take into account when evaluating applications for recognition of new RIRs.

Open Process

When the Address Council received the final document from the RIRs, the AC conducted a final call for comments on the document on 20001027 on the public list aso-policy@aso.icann.org ending on 20001201.

This open call resulted in no further comments to the content of the document, but some concern towards the openness of the process.

Prior to this the history of the document is as following:

Open Public Discussions & Document History

Draft 0.1, 22 December 1999

Draft 0.2, 4 May 2000

Draft 0.3, 4 July 2000

Version 1.0, 1 October 2000

The document has been posted to aso-policy in two earlier versions, and circulated to the communities of the emerging registries and to my knowledge all comments have been discussed and incorporated as seen appropriate.

Existing RIR Conformance

The Address Council believes, without conducting a formal evaluation that the existing RIRs adhere to the principles set forth in this document. The RIRs have also publicly stated their intention to adhere to these principles.

Decision by the Address Council

The Address Council believes that this document does not in any significant way change the current global addressing policy. The document merely proposes evaluation criteria to ICANN for the evaluation of new RIR. The document is based on the principles set forth in the ASO MOU

The Address Council recommends that the ICANN board adopt this document as the "Requirements and policies for the approval of additional RIRs" as specified in paragraph 9 in the ASO MOU.

The Address Council recommends to the ICANN Board to authorize its staff to conduct the evaluation of new RIR applications for final Board approval.

The Address Council recommends the ICANN Board to allocate sufficient resources to carry out such an evaluation in a timely fashion.

The Address Council will be pleased to provide further advice to the ICANN Board on this matter if the ICANN Board so requests.

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