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Re: NSI: Domains now only $16 bucks? (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 13:34:09 -0500
From: Adam Simpson <adam2@netsonic.com>
Subject: Re: NSI: Domains now only $16 bucks?

The problem with NSI and their "monopoly" is they have combined the two -
internic and NSI sites in an effort to use the internic name as a marketing
vehicle for their own services.. right or wrong it may have helped them but
has lowered the quality of service that - speaking for our company now -
premier partners can provide theor customers.. many of the things they have
done have made it impossible for us to get a job done that was once easy
but no requires a phone call.. ie the -hold- information for a domain.. 

Couple that with the removal of the ability to do whois lookups directly
from their machines, they have increased the burdon on the premier partner
reps to a degree.

Bottom line is.. we can not service our customers as well as we once could
with their changes.  Couple their recent change with the deletion of all
those domains in march - of which I know for certain of 14 instances where
customers had 14 separate domains - 1 ea anc they were due for payment on
of about the 18th for simple renewal yet they were deleted on the third
with no notice..   I say they took what was easy for them and not whats
right for the customer... 

I will say this about them though.. our reps there have been instrumental
and invaluable to our ability to help our customers with problems.  they
are dedicated to helping us achieve our goals with respects to handling
domain name issues.  Every rep we have had there has been great!

my 2 cents.. 

At 01:04 PM 4/6/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Network Solutions' Complicated Name Game:
>"NSI wants to charge $16 a year per domain name and all they're doing is
>running a database," says Richard Forman, founder and president of
>Register.com, one of the largest registrars in cyberspace. With more than 4
>million domains registered, "that's $80 million a year to run a database."
>Forman says a fair price would be
>between $1.50 and $2. 
>SPARKY COMMENTARY:  Competition?  bring it on....but don't mess
>up our nic.  As much as it's difficult dealing with a monopoly,
>I'd still rather have ONE source for domain registration.  Sorry
>for those who want to run their own nic.  I even wanted to myself
>one long day ago about 18 months ago.  Now, if NSI were to improve
>their C/S to the same level that most subscribers of the average
>ISP expect, then I don't believe there would be so much rumbling
>about the need for competition.
>Of course, I could be wrong....as Dennis Miller might say.
>Your thoughts?
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