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NSI Lock on "Reserved" Domain Names.


I have a question regarding domains names reserved by worldnic.com, and now
by the consolidated services at NSI.

I work with an international ISP. To avoid the communication problems with
we handle all aspects of the registrar/registry interface with InterNIC,
including Admin, Tech, Zone and Billing Contacts, for our foreign customers.
We also handle their actual payments to NIC for their domains.

Recently we receiving a growing number of users wishing to move their
domains from the NSI "Domain Name Reservation" system to our services.
However, the Major problem is NSI has told us that currently the "Reserved"
domain users are LOCKED into NSI as the Billing Contact, and thus locked
into the NSI "Reserved" price. The same is true for worldnic-jp.com in Japan
where most our users live.

Even now this is causing us to lose a significant number of potential
clients every week.

I have been in communications with Chuck Gomes of NSI for OVER 10 Weeks.
Basically, the only reassurance he gives us is... "The WorldNIC restriction
that does not allow changes to InterNIC will be fixed before renewals are an

As long as this restriction remains in place, we see it as a major barrier
to multi-registrar system where domains users are supposed to have freedom
to change registrars.

If NSI is able to continue placing this LOCK on domain names reserved in
their system, then won't this become a major hurdle in the open Registrar

Is anything being done to remedy this situation before the Beta test period
for Multi-Registrars begins?

I would appreciate any information you could send me regarding this problem.

Tim Evans
Admiral Systems