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Purposeful delaying tactics by NSI

One good way to get a sense of what NSI thinks the future holds, is to read
the analyst reports from investment houses that cover NSI and its business
prospects going forward.

Apparently, the growing consensus is that NSI has little to fear in terms of
competition, according to many analysts.  I have not read one yet that sees
any material impact on NSI's business going forward.

I personally find this very disturbing and frankly quite appalling.
Remember that these "independent" analysts firms are in regular and frequent
contact with NSI themselves.  They (NSI) de facto are supportive of this
assumption, that lengthy legal battles will only serve to help them further
their dug-in position, and basically pre-empt any competitive pressures-
letting them squelch any competition before it ever gets started.  This
seemingy unwarranted overconfidence rings very similar to the tobacco
industry, environmental cases, etc.

Now, I for one would be really disappointed if ICANN allowed NSI to end run
the entire positive movement towards a competitive domain registration
process, which is what customers really want, by mucking it up in the hands
of lawyers.

NSI will defeat competitive movements before they ever get started, if they
are allowed to play the legal game.  Don't let them become another
Microsoft.  It is only going to get more difficult to deal with this
situation over time, and ultimately, it is us, the customers, that pay the
price in terms of poor service, high prices, and insufficient innovation.

Dan Hoffman