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Thanks for adapting the information on your webpage regarding the
ICIIU effort. Unfortunately, the formatting of the text seems to
have gotten disarranged. If you can fix that, I'd appreciate it.

Also, please add the EFF to the list of adherents ASAP.

I must also call your attention to the fact that you have put in the
group of organizations supporting the ISOC effort one - ETSI - that
includes governmental agencies as well as national telcos. These
cannot belong to the NCDNHC, nor to any part of the DNSO.
Governments and their agencies are expressly forbidden from
participating in these organizations. You had better discuss this
with the ICANN board. ISOC is not going to make a home for
governmental agencies and telcos in the NCDNHC. Not while I live and
breathe. Is this understood?

Furhermore, some of the other organizations listed as ISOC
supporters of the NCDNHC are composed entirely or almost entirely of
e-commerce for-profit commercial enterprises. AUI is one of these.
They have no place in a non-commercial domain name holders
constituency and may not legally appear to be participating through
the ICANN website. For all that your disclaimer might say, the
constituencies of the DNSO are a function of ICANN and you must take
some minimal responsibility to assure that their formation is done
within the bounds of honesty, decency, and legality.

The ICIIU is screening all applicants and is not signing up anyone
without a legitimate claim to be a non-commercial domain name
holder. ISOC seems to be doing the opposite. I expect you and the
board to remedy this situation, and certainly not to contribute to
it. Please take appropriate action.

Michael Sondow, for the ICIIU

International Congress of Independent Internet Users (ICIIU) 
        http://www.iciiu.org       iciiu@iciiu.org