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I was reviewing your posting regarding the formation and organization of
ICANN.  I am a project coordinator for a firm specializing in an
intra/extranet communication tool called "Collaborator" used by large law
firms.  I am not in the sales end of the business, but I thought that you
might be able to utilize the "Collaborator" tool in your endeavors to
develop the ICANN.

The tool specifically targets users that need fast flexible communications
in an organized manner, which is capable of handling a large number of
different topics.  All one needs to use this tool is a browser.  No
software download is needed.  If you are interested please contact us.  Our
web site is located at  http://www.legalanywhere.com  .  Our Vise President
name and address is Peter J. Ozolin, 503.245.1103 pozolin@legalanywhere.com

I look forward to the establishment of the ICANN.  I think that it will
bring clarity to this area that is long overdue.


Mark Beckwith mbeckwith@legalanywhere.com
Project Coordinator 541.757.8302
Legal Anywhere, Inc.
Internet/Intranet Solutions for Law Offices