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Re: Joe Sims' testimony to Congress on the participation of individual users in the DNSO

Mr. Sims-

On Sunday, April 25th, that is, four days ago, I sent you a request
for an explanation for the contradiction between your testimony to a
U.S. Congressional Committee regarding the proposed nature of the
ICANN membership and the current DNSO constituencies that you and it
have formed (reproduced below). In particular I asked you why, after
you had told the Congressional Committee that the Domain Name
Supporting Organization of ICANN would be balanced between the
commercial and individual user sectors of the Internet, you have
created no constituency within the DNSO for individual users.

Why have you not replied to this request for an explanation? Is it
because, in replying, you would have to either dissemble about the
nature of the DNSO you have designed or else admit to the "error" in
your testimony to Congress?

Michael Sondow wrote:
> Mr. Sims,
> In your sworn testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives Joint
> Hearings on the Domain Names System on October 7th of last year, in
> response to a question about the inclusion of all the stakeholders
> in the ICANN privatization process posed by Chairwoman the Hon.
> Constance A. Morella, you said: "And so the structure, as it was
> proposed, includes these three separate supporting organizations,
> two of which obviously respond more to the operators and technical
> people involved in the Internet, and one, the domain name supporting
> organization, which is clearly focused on business and individual
> users of the Internet."
> You and the ICANN interim board have given four constituencies to
> businesses: Commercial and business entities; Trademark,
> intellectual property, & anti-counterfeiting interests; ISPs and
> connectivity providers; and Non-commercial domain name holders
> (through businesses' second-level organizations like ISOC).
> Will you please tell us now what provisions you and the interim
> board have made for the inclusion of individual users in the domain
> name supporting organization?
> M. Sondow, for the ICIIU
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