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Success changing NS records at WorldNIC? (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 11:37:44 -0700
From: Jon Rust <jpr@vcnet.com>
Subject: Success changing NS records at WorldNIC?

Has anyone been able to use the web interface provided by NSI to do
ANYTHING useful? I'm sure this is getting to be fairly common by now:
customer wants to reg a domain, so they go to the "dot com people" and
naively reg the domain there with WorldNIC. They get an account ID and
password. From this point on, standard email templates get rejected. You
can ONLY update the domain records through their web interface. When I go
there (with the potential customer's id and pass) and try to change the
"hosting information," it comes back with this error:

   Sorry. Your update has failed. The update of DNS information failed.

Nice. Thanks for ALL the information! It's so clear now. I struggled with
this for a while before giving up yesterday. I finally called them, and the
prick with attitude on the other end went on to tell me how we ISPs were
just a bunch of spoiled brats who were upset that we don't have control
over the domains our customers have now. "The customers have control now,"
he said. Uhuh. Right. "Everyone loves it this way, except for ISPs" he
stated proudly. Really!? you mean customers like having paid for domains
that can't be used in any way?! Whatever, just change the fargin record
already. He agreed to and I gave him my name server addresses, the
customers ID, and the password. That was yesterday at 4PM EDT. Lo and
behold, the update wasn't made. The domain still sits dormant.

Do I just forget about this customer, tell him "sorry, you got sucked into
the NSI evil empire," and move on? Is there anywhere to turn? Does ICANN
have the power to squash NSI like the annoying little turds they are?


PS -- may NSI rot in hell.
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