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Correction to INEG letter

Observe that in this letter, INEG, Inc., claims to have "85,000"
stakeholders.  Please note that these stakeholders are all chartered
members of the Institute of Internet Nomeclature (IIN), and that the IIN
pulled its support of the INEGroup proposal on January 15, 1999.  The
INEGroup supporting organization now numbers no more than 600 to 700

I am currently working with the IIN to develop a new strategy for their
85,000 stakeholders.  

Thank you.

> Ladies and gentlemen of the ICANN, Secretary Bailey, and all,

> I am forwarding this post as it is a typical example of a continuing
> thyme of where the vast majority or the participating Stakeholder
> community stands on the DNSO.ORG and their now "So called" merged Draft
> bylaws for an application to the ICANN for a Domain Name Supporting
> Organization.  We of the INEGroup, some 85,000 stakeholders strong,
> fine that actions of the DNSO.ORG "Bunch" to be nothing more than
> a reborn gTLD-MoU/CORE/PAB/POC organization with the very same
> practices of EXCLUSION, CLOSED MAILING LISTS for participation,
> not allowing for online participation as is the long term established
> practice of the internet.  It is this DNSO.ORG "Bunch" with their
> CLOSED and NON-TRANSPARENT practices mimicking the same
> practices of the gTLD-MoU/CORE/PAB/POC, that generated the
> need for the Green Paper from the NTIA and later the White Paper,
> which this "Bunch" is mearly repeating to the detriment of the
> Stakeholder community.

> We of the INEGroup would beseech you of the NTIA and the Commerce
> Department please take these concerns in account.

					Taft Charles Frederick
					Chief Executive Officer
					2AF Engineering, Ltd.
					Email:  tcf@2af.net