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a few suggestions for the upcoming transition

1. If there is not already a newsletter/listserv/etc. for what is going 
on with the transition to the new domain system, then please create one, 
so that those of us with interest can be informed. If there already is 
one, excuse my previous suggestion, but do make it more advertised, 
possibly on the home page of ICANN.org and other sites involved with the 

2. Since there is most likely going to be thousands of applicants for 
the 5 spots to take over the naming system, chances are that the 
possiblity of being chosen will be very slim. If ICANN chooses to 
continue its possible plan to choose 5 registrars, I would hope that the 
time period between having 5 registrars and having full scale 
competition is minimal. 

3. If ICANN does select 5, set a price cap on what the new registrars 
can charge; it is likely that competition would drive the price down, 
but we never really know. 

4. When full scale competition does open up, maybe charge an interested 
registrar a flat fee of $xxxx.xx, enough to cover the costs of 
maintaining a centralized database that the new registrar will access; 
but a high enough fee so that only serious registrars will be able to 
enter the competition. 

Jason C. Dean

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