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I'm writing to request that ICANN address the issue of domain-name

The request is simple: please change the US domain-name registration process
to adhere to the trademark-recognition standard that the domain name (mark)
actually be used in commerce as a condition of registration.

I typed in labr.com, as I'm involved in a group called LABR which clearly
has prima facie usage (dating back to 1995, I believe) but which did not
register its domain name. I found a company called iDomain, which registers
domain names en masse to attempt to capture monopoly profits for itself.

If domain names are to be sold to the highest bidder, then the proceeds
should go to Internet development, not to speculators.

This seems like such a basic thing to enact, yet all the focus is on opening
up the registration process to competition. Both are equally important to a
vibrant, free market in domain names.

Thank you.

Keith Law * MBA candidate, Carnegie Mellon University
** Co-author, Baseball Prospectus '99
** http://www.baseballprospectus.com/
** Available in stores everywhere January 25th!