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Re: more Internic nightmare (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 16:44:17 -0700
From: Rodney Joffe <rjoffe@mailorder.com>
Subject: Re: more Internic nightmare

Randy Bush wrote:

> if the above were true, and i believe that they are, what would the oh so
> brilliant and deeply experienced in large scale production systems readers
> of this list do to responsibly yet strongly inhibit such slimeful activity

Sarcasm aside, to answer your 4th point, why not require payment (i.e. a
cleared check, or credit card) before registering? No grace period. 

And so what if domain squatters want to squat? A) They paid the price,
and B) Netsol's current registration process for their $114.95 deal
encourages this (i.e. to quote their new web site: These Web Addresses
are also available! Register your name in all 3 extensions (.com, .net,
.org) to create a stronger online identity and keep your competitors
from using it. Just click the box next to each web address you want to
Reserve or Register (definitions below).

Points 1-3 have already been discussed before (the solution is
instituting a whois engine that allows the registrant to restrict who
can/can't read their contact data). Feel free to ask me about this if
you skipped the engine discussion.