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SCATHING article on NSOL valuation (fwd)

The first few lines are telling...

   The following is being issued by Asensio & Company, a member of the
   National Association of Securities Dealers, CRD number 31742:

   Investors may be buying Network Solutions, Inc.'s (Nasdaq: NSOL - news) 
   stock believing the company possesses some market advantage, recurring
   income or proprietary technology that has allowed it to create, and
   will allow it to grow, its Internet domain name registry and registrar
   business. We found no reasonable basis for these beliefs. 

But make sure to read the WHOLE article. Based on the accusations in this
article I would say that the ICANN board needs to seriously reconsider any
plan that would give NSI a favoured position as either registrar *OR*
registry. The playing field needs to be level and it needs to be seen to
be level beyond the shadow of a doubt.

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Subject: SCATHING article on NSOL valuation

This one is *GREAT*:


It's also interesting to note the plummet of NSOL stock prices.... :-)

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