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Recent moves by Network Solutions

I am confused about Network Solutions is trying to do with its latest moves.  I was under the impression that domain name registration was going to opened to competition.  It appears that Network Solutions is not acting in good faith, but instead it is doing everything it can to hamper and suppress those efforts in order to maintain its dominance and squelch any developing competition.  There seems to be tremendous conflict of interest developing.
I am currently in the process of starting up a domain name registration company, and I hope to be applying for registrar accreditation soon.  I will be in direct competition with Network Solutions.  Given that Network Solutions has been the sole keeper of the domain name database and has registered over 4 million names, it already has an overwhelming advantage.  Currently, Network Solutions has a monopoly.  How is the developing competition going to register future users of the Internet, if all roads lead to Network Solutions, the preeminent registrar?
The purpose of ICANN and the work of a lot of dedicated people will go for not, if ICANN does not take action to insure that competition will become a reality.  It is not enough to simply provide an accreditation process and establish a shared domain name database.  ICANN is going to have to find a way to protect these developing companies or there will be no real competition.  To avoid a conflict of interest situation, Network Solutions must in some way be restrained from interfering with the development of a future industry.  All I am asking for is a fair chance to compete.
I would very much appreciate hearing from you with regards to my comments.
Steven R. Coates