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Proposed Bylaws Amendments Recommended by ICANN Staff

I agree with the proposed amendments.

In particular, about the eligibility of Directors by SOs, I am convinced
that a member of a Supporting Organization Council that has accepted
nomination to the BoD shall not participate in the vote.

Moreover, I would strongly disagree that in this case an "ad hoc" substitute
could take the place of the incumbent in the Council for the voting
operations, as accredited rumors assume on the GA mailing list.
If the Council Member is serious about his/her candidature, he/she should
resign from the Council, and a new Council member should be elected
following the normal procedures of the relevant Supporting Organization.
Keeping the Council seat warm in case of fallback is not a serious attitude
for somebody that has been nominated to represent the Internet Community at
the highest level, i.e. in the ICANN Board of Directors.

Roberto Gaetano