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[Comment-Dnso] Protesting at ICANN refusal to consider Constituency status for Cyberspace Association.

As an individual owner of a Domain Name, and a committed defender of the
democratic freedom that is intrinsic to the Internet, I have joined the
organisation that calls itself the Cyberspace Association precisely to be
able to form part of a legitimate constituency for Individual Domain Name
This concept of "constituencies" to represent the democratically expressed
views and concerns of individuals such as myself, is precisely what the
White Paper intends that ICANN should recognise.  This is the way to provide
a broadly based means for representing all who have a declared interest in
protecting the freedom of the Internet.
Therefore, I cannot understand the refusal of ICANN to consider our group's
application for recognition as a Constituency at the forthcoming Berlin
meeting.  I express my strong disappointment at this cavalier dismissal of a
process that the White Paper itself urges ICANN to observe.



[N.B.  sent from my address dominicbaron@interim.com where I am currently