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[Comment-Dnso] Re: [IFWP] Unethical advertising tactics continue by CORE members?

William and all,

Three is also a similar link from http://nic.af as well being run by
namespace.com, which BTW is where I understand from Javier Sola,
that the discuss@dnso.org is being moved to.   Sound familiar?

William X. Walsh wrote:

> I captured this banner ad from the Linuxberg site operated by Tucows :
> http://www.dso.net/wwalsh/Bluebanner468.gif
> This banner linked to http://www.domaindirect.com/com/
> A CORE member.
> The ad says plainly that these names are here, and encourages
> "preregistration" NOW.
> I should note that the linked site contains no information on these
> names, so obviously they are just taking advantage of people's desire
> for competition in the gTLD arena to drive people to their website.
> Anyway you cut it, it's unethical at best.
> However, that this ad is actually generating traffic shows that users
> are interested in new gTLDs.
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> crying to every time you have something
> to whimper about.


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