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[Comment-Dnso] Re: Fwd: [IFWP] Press Communiqué

Esther and all,

  This is all well and fine, however we have a justice system to
address these sort of situations.  To attempt to impose regulations
that are extraneous to that justice system or other justice systems
outside the US for example, and in particular the WIPO RFC-3
"Final Report" recommendations, are not being very well excepted.
The ICANN Interim Board, and most especially yourself, were
advised many times to allow for the DNSO in conjunction with the
ICANN Membership to review these recommendations and allowed
to determine whether they should be excepted either in part of
in total.  OF course, as has been the unfortunate habit of the
ICANN Interim Board, again a unwise and broadly opposed
unilateral decision in Berlin was determined.  All of course behind
closed doors and in secret.

 This sort of behavior and decision process that has been endemic
of the ICANN Interim Board on broad reaching decisions that have a
potential for a great impact on a large number of stakeholders, is yet
again a direct violation of the requirements and precepts of the White
Paper, and therefore shows the lack of competency of the ICANN
Interim Board, and you in particular, Esther...

Esther Dyson wrote:

> My server has been rejecting mail lately (a Freudian slip perhaps!), so I
> missed this till now.
> Basically,  the sense of the board is that this policy, whatever it
> eventually involves, should probably address all (nonpolitical)  disputes
> over names, not just the "abusive" registrations that WIPO focuses on.
> ("all commercial disputes linked" to domain name registrations may be
> overbroad, as opposed to commercial disputes over names themselves.)
> Esther Dyson
> At 01:38 AM 07/06/99, Bret A. Fausett wrote:
> >Esther -- I'm confused about some of the statements in the ICANN Press
> Communique and what weight/accuracy those statements have. Could you clarify
> when you have a moment. The following was posted on ifwp.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Bret
> >
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> >I'm confused.
> >
> >I just re-read the ICANN Press Communiqué from Berlin.
> >
> >In the press release (written by the PR firm, not ICANN) is this:
> >
> >  The Initial Board noted that a uniform dispute settlement
> >  mechanism was a necessary element of a competitive
> >  registrar system. The Initial Board noted that the
> >  scope of this policy should be wider than the cases
> >  of abusive registration with which the WIPO report
> >  deals, and ultimately cover all commercial dispute
> >  issues linked to Domain Name registrations.
> >
> >That last sentence is not in the Board's resolutions. What does it mean?
> Does it indeed represent a Board sentiment? Was that sentiment unanimous?
> >
> >Can someone who was in Berlin (or better yet, an ICANN Board member) shed
> some light on this?
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
> >   -- Bret
> >
> >
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