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[Comment-Geo] Proposed Interim Policy for Geographic Diversity

Is there a particular need to separate candidates into regional versus
global tracks?  Wouldn't most candidates opt to take the win and place
opportunities in the global category, instead of choosing the
all-or-nothing risk of running for regional representative?  Will it
encourage last-minute candidates jumping into whichever category has the
fewest competitors?   This seems to me to be nearly as complicated and
confusing as the original bylaw, particularly when combined with a further
segregation by length of term and the additional two-term limit on all

Would it not be simpler to give the seat designated for Region A to the
candidate from Region A who gets the highest number of votes from members
in Region A?  After each region has had it's representative seated, then
the next 4 highest vote-getters (regardless of region) should be seated,
skipping over candidates from any regions that have already seated 2

Diane Cabell