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INEGroups position on ICANN "Accreditation Guidelines" with respect to WIPO-RFC-3

To all this may concern,

  In today's workshops here in Dallas at the INEG campus, there has been

much discussion regarding the ICANN's proposed "Accreditation
Durring these various workshops consisting of stakeholders from around
globe that have seen the ICANN and WIPO show little or no interest
in their concerns we have reviewed form many sources, alternative
to objectives that the ICANN seems to be interested in "Imposing"
Stakeholder consent, upon the Global Stakeholder community.  Of all of
different ideas and comments that have been reviewed, discussed, and
voted upon by our 89,000 stakeholders/members, we have hence determined
by that plurality of stakeholders in the majority, recommended the
done by A. Michael Froomkin, University of Miami.  It can be found at
following URL address:
http://www.law.miami.edu/~amf/critique.htm  .     Please review this
critique in it's entirety with respect to the WIPO RFC-3 proposal.


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