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Section (N) "No Economic [Policy]"

Re Section N. Q48:
I believe the correct answer is YES! there should be mandated "unbundled"
registration options available thru the SLD's.  This will not interfere with
market-driven competition and will encourage the SLD's to offer
"competitive" bundles...otherwise, individuals will no longer be able to
afford *any* DNS as ALL SLD's will begin "bundling" *everything* as a matter
of course.  I am not advocating price caps....
I hope the ICCANN will reconsider it's misguided intentions regarding this
26 FEB1999

N. No Economic Regulation
To foster market-driven competition in the registrar business, the proposed
guidelines contain no limitations or restrictions on the pricing levels or
pricing models employed by accredited registrars. Nor do they restrict
accredited registrars from bundling registrar services with other products.
Some have suggested price caps or prohibitions of price discrimination among
various types of domain name holders. In the belief that those types of
restrictions would hamper, rather than promote, competition, they have not
been incorporated in these proposed guidelines.
Q47. Should the guidelines prohibit accredited registrars from charging
different prices to different categories of customers?
Q48. Should the guidelines require accredited registrars to offer unbundled
domain name registration services?