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Re: A Citizen's Right to Domain Name Privacy

John and John,

  Two Johns...  Well anyway, JohnG is absolutely right.  And this is
exactly how I conduct all of my business.....  However what the
ICANN is now attempting to impose in its accreditation Guidelines
would seek to circumvent doing this or make doing so a barrier
to entry to membership to the DNSO as well as becoming a
registrar.  Here I think is where there are serious problems

John Gaskill wrote:

> John,
> If you really want anonymity:
> 1.) Establish a Delaware corporation;
> 2.) Have the stock held in trust by
>   teams of attorneys sworn to secrecy;
> 3.) Conduct your own internet activities
>   with a pseudonym;
> 4.) Have the internet account and
>   domain name held in the name of
>   the corporation.
> John Gaskill
> InfoCentral@compuserve.com


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