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Re: [IFWP] Re: The ICANN Accreditation Policy: Dissimulation and Duplicity?

Frank and all,

Frank Rizzo wrote:

> At 3:41 AM -0800 3/19/99, jeff Williams wrote:
> >Jay and all,
> >
> >  Jay, you pose some good questions here.  However if history (Short Term)
> >is any guide it seem fairly obvious that ICANN in their "Accreditation
> >Guidelines"
> >and their about face with making the DNSO, an any rate, under the ICANN
> >umbrella, that the ICANN intends to be THE central authority for
> >TLD's, assignment of IP addresses, and determination of any and all
> >Protocols/port assignments directly.  They intend to do all of this
> >without Stakeholder approval as well, in that there is yet to be a
> >Membership organization.
> >
> >  Seems to be a far cry form the requirements of the White Paper
> >doesn't it?
> Yes it does, Jeff ole fella. Kind of makes you wonder what the whole point
> of the Green and White Papers was.

  Indeed this is a good point as well.

> Are the CORE registrars already accredited as per IANA's requirements of
> 1997? Why should they need to jump through a whole new set of hoops?

  Maybe not officially or announced publicly, but it is likely that they are on
preverbal "Short list", wouldn't you say?  No hoops necessary is my bet!

> If we held an informal pole on just this list, I wonder how many of us
> think of ICANN as their mentor?

  Well give it a shot Franky!

> - riZzy


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