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Re: Extension of terms of interim board

THe link to the archive of comments on the "Proposed Resolution Concerning
Term of Initial At Large Directors (Posted August 18, 1999) does not work.

http://www.icann.org/comments-mail/comment-initial-director-term/maillist.html o
nly results in a Not Found message.

How convenient.

What is the justification for extending the terms of this interim,
unelected and unaccountable board?  The participation of the majority of
the board on public comment lists is abyssmal to non-existent.  Without
intervention of the Department of Commerce, this board would continue to
hold its meetings in private.   Of greater concern, this board is
developing policy directives that will affect millions of Internet users
before it has even completed building its own foundation.    Neither the
at-large membership nor the DNSO constituencies, are complete.  It's bylaws
keep changing and in one case, new rules have been applied retroactively.
And this board's idea of a bottom-up self-organizing process is to tell the
DNS community who may have a voice in the policy recommendations. To date,
only commercial and infrastructure representation has been annointed by the
ICANN board, but the issues are being moved forward on a fast track.

IMHO, this unelected and unaccountable board should not make a single
decision that is unrelated to the development of the structure of the
organization. It should focus *solely* on setting up the structure and
mechanisms that allow us to vote in replacements.

Many of us do not trust this board.  And given the broad and vocal
complaints about how the board members came to hold their positions, about
ICANN's unsupportable claims of community consensus and its failure to hold
open meetings, about its blatant conflicts of interest and general hubris
in promulgating policy that touches individual domain name registrants (not
just registries and registrars), I believe continuing the term of the
interim directors will not be in the best interest of this process and
simply prolong the DNS community's collective pain.

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