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[Comment-Ip] Comment re ICANN/WIPO process

[Note: this is a copy of the previous message. I am re-sending it
because the "Subject" of the former message was incorrect.]

Bret A. Fausett a écrit:
> The latest agenda items for the Berlin ICANN meeting
> (http://www.icann.org/berlin/berlin-details.html) suggest that "[t]he
> ICANN Board of Directors will meet to discuss and vote on any pending
> resolutions with regard to...WIPO Final Report, including annexes." ICANN
> has invited public comment on the WIPO report
> (http://www.icann.org/wipo/wipo.htm) and has stated that "[c]omments
> received by midnight, U.S. West Coast  time, May 21, will be considered
> by the ICANN Board of Directors in advance of any action on these matters
> at the May 27 ICANN Board meeting in Berlin."
> Of course, "any action" on WIPO could include accepting and implementing
> the report's recommendations, but it could also include referring the
> report to the DNSO. I would respectfully suggest that the ICANN Board
> take the latter approach.
> Not only will this approach ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that
> the community finds consensus on what has been a controversial document,
> but it could provide the additional time necessary to allow the election
> of the nine at-large board members and the election of board members from
> the three Supporting Organizations. The domain name issues raised by the
> WIPO Report are some of the most difficult issues facing ICANN, and they
> should be resolved within the SO structure and by the permanent board.

On behalf of the ICIIU and supporting organizations, I second Bret
Fausett's proposal that decisions on implementation of the WIPO
Report recommendations be deferred to the DNSO and a board elected
by the formed At-large membership and the SOs.

Michael Sondow, for the ICIIU