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[Comment-Irac] Comments on "Principles for Independent Review"

Comments on "Principles for Independent Review":

1. (Principle 2):

   The members of the Independent Review Panel should *NOT* be subject to
   confirmation by members of the body that will be reviewed.

   This means that the ICANN board should have no say whatsoever in the
   choice of Independent Review Panel members, nor any veto, nor even any
   vote in the matter.

2. (Principle 4):

   The Supporting Organizations are highly *NON REPRESENTATIVE* of the
   internet community.

   It is the proper sphere of the ICANN At-Large membership to determine
   the nominating committee and to vote on the IRP members.

3. (Principle 13):

   The IRP will be not be a panel engaged in arbitration, it is a *REVIEW*
   panel.  It's task is more of that of an appellate panel than an
   arbitration panel or dispute resolution panel.  Thus Principle 13(b) is

4. (Principle 19):

   ICANN's internal reconsideration process may itself be vague or
   unpublished.  This principle could turn into an artificial barrier
   of Dickensonian complexity.