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Re: [Membership] [Comment-Mac] Re: Secret ballots

Kent Crispin wrote:

> I don't trust the American Arbitration Association.   I don't see why
> anyone from europe or from anywhere else in the world would either.
> In fact, I never heard of the American Arbitration Association -- for
> all I know they might just be some front organization you just threw
> together.
> Try again.  The problem is a lot harder than you think.

Kent's state of knowledge is not the determining factor in either prong of the
analysis.  Research may show that the AAA is the/an appropriate party to perform
such function.  Or, some other party may be deemed more appropriate.

But, that is the second question.  First, you/we/they must determine if
third-party administration is of interest.  Kent's distrust of one candidate
would not debunk the idea of democracy and elections.  Likewise, it does not
negate the arguments in favor of secret ballots or professional, neutral
third-party administration of elections.