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Re: Everything you know is wrong (was:Re: [Membership] [Comment-Mac]Re: Secret ballots)

On Wed, 19 May 1999, Eric Weisberg wrote:
> > Do you think that employees of AT&T silently
> > would follow such orders to vote in a specific manner given by the
> > executives?
> The question is whether it might affect any votes if AT&T could monitor
> them.  Does
> anyone doubt that it would?

Let's say AYT&T *could* monitor *any* votes. *Would* they?

My former employer the Swedish Postal Services could easily monitor lots
of votes in our ordinary elections. Would they? Of course not. I guess the
same situation applies to the US Postal Services.

I think that the post-Watergate world community is quite familiar with the
situation of election scams and very wary of the effects it could lead to.
Of course - if the benefit is great enough someone will always try to
manipulate the elections, but I can hardly see serious companies do this
as an organized scheme. But you are right in one sense - the risk of
manipulation is always present and therefore the system should obtain as
many obstacles as possible to prevent such manipulation. However, these
measures must not make the election process a Sisyfos task.

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