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Re: [IFWP] The DNSO General Assembly

Stef and all,

  Indeed as has been discussed prior to the March 4th Singapore
ICANN conference, the incorporating of constituencies within the
structure of the ICANN bylaws for a DNSO as well as within the
DNSO itself is divisive at best, and likely not workable in any meaningful
and truly representative manner to the majority of the interested
Stakeholders.  Infighting will be the end result, or a potential capture
situation will result...

  However in the infinite wisdom of the ICANN Interim Board, it appears
that revisiting this unfortunate decision is not likely to occur in the
short term,
the battle lines have been drawn...

Hence the dogs of the DNS war shall continue to snarl...

Einar Stefferud wrote:

> I was just curious as to whether you have a workable scheme for
> implementing your policy.
> I do not think such a thing exists, and I have no suggestions for how
> to do it.
> I think the entire process is hosed and I am no longer interested in
> helping ICANN make it look like I am supporting their actions adn
> decisions, which I am clearly not supporting.
> To date I have not seen any indication that they take anythign I say
> or do in any serious way, though I have tried in many ways, including
> private exchanges with Esther and others in ICANN.
> Cheers...\Stef
> >From your message Wed, 14 Apr 1999 22:01:54 -0400:
> }
> }Einar Stefferud a =E9crit:
> }>=20
> }> Your policy is most laudable.
> }>=20
> }> What is the mechanism for making this work in Berlin?
> }
> }Well, what I thought was I would ask each one who can't come to
> }Berlin if they want to assign me their vote. If they do, they send
> }me an email proxy saying so. If there are many who don't, I'll ask
> }that all voting on propositions in Berlin be postponed until the
> }next day, March 26 (the constituency will meet March 25, supposedly,
> }although I had also thought of having a meeting on the 24th). What
> }do you think?
> }
> }> }Every person who signs up for the NCDNHC through the ICIIU sign-up
> }> }procedure gets a vote in the NCDNHC, whether they come to Berlin or
> }> }not.


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